Terp Hammer Demo Session Join me as I demonstrate the Terp Hammer, go over the features and functions, and finish with an epic session.


Terp Hammer Vaporizer - Demo Session

Ball vaporizers are growing in popularity across the market and Old Head has turned it on its, well head, by bringing the first, patent-pending, cordless ball vaporizer system, the Terp-Ready. You won’t lose any umph without the cable, and you’re no longer tethered to a power unit or the wall.

Enjoy A Cordless Experience

We shouldn’t need to explain the benefits of a cordless system as we’ve all moved to wireless remotes and Bluetooth headsets by now, but the lack of cables in a vaporization system means there’s much less chance of you snagging something on a wire in the movements you’ll have to do to enjoy vaporizing normally, even saving you from potentially breaking glass.

A Straightforward, Easy System To Use

The Terp-Ready’s base unit couldn’t be simpler. It has a physical on/off switch that makes it a perfect pair for a smart plug, and we still get a kick out of telling Siri to “heat the hammer.” On the front side of the station, you’ll find the ability to set the temperature by the degree and our recommendation is to start at 580°F and experiment up or down from there. The built-in coil guard at the top protects you from the heating coil. The Terp-Ready needs almost no maintenance outside of cleaning the included glass bowl that will need an ISO rinse from time to time.

Vaporization By The Terp Hammer

At the heart of the Terp-Ready system, you’ll find the Terp Hammer, a cordless semi-portable dry herb vaporizer that is a monumental step forward in the growing trend of ball vaporizers, truly innovational. You can pick the Terp Hammer up with its gorgeous wooden handle that is not only easy to operate, but also helps to keep your hand nice and cool. The Terp Hammer is available on its own, or as part of the Terp-Ready system.

5 Minute Initial Heat Soak, 60 Second Reheat Time

The Terp Hammer couldn’t be easier to use. When it has reached temperature sitting snugly in the Terp-Ready and the ruby terp pearls inside the wider metal section have soaked in enough heat, you’ll place the narrow end snugly into an 18mm female bowl, allowing you to use your ball vape anywhere within reasonable distance of the base. You’re not bringing it outside for an afternoon session, but we no longer need to change where our base station is set up during those long football Sundays.

Single Hit At A Time Perfection

Ball vapes are truly enjoyed by aficionados. We would consider taking one perfectly vaporized hit through water as the peak of the game, equivalent to enjoying a Pinot Noir with the properly prepared duck in the appropriate glassware; you’re getting the optimal flavour and strength. Versatile as they are powerful, ball vapes are great for both macro or micro dosing, hitting it super hard, or taking those light sips. They bring 100% convection vaporization for the best taste and flavour, and the hit size is basically unlimited due to their power after an initial 5-minute warm up time and 60 second reheats.

Upgrade Your Vaporizing Experience

You’re at the cannabis store, we know you’re grabbing that AAAAA ‘Dave Meltzer in the Tokyo Dome’ rated bud, why bring it home and smoke it off a glass pipe you’ve had for thirty years, and nobody remembers the original colour of? As a system, the Terp-Ready has everything you need but your favourite water pipe to enjoy cannabis the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

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