Puffco Proxy Demo Session Join me as I demonstrate the Puffco Proxy concenctrate vaporizer, go over the features and functions, and finish with an epic session.


Puffco Proxy Concentrate Vaporizer - Demo Session

Puffco is all sorts of famous for their ingenuity and ability to continuously bring new, innovative products to the market. This time around, they went both back and forward with the new Puffco Proxy. The Proxy has an old school vibe with the newest tech on the market. Let’s take a look.

A Modular Handheld Concentrate Vaporizer

Puffco refers to the Proxy as modular, as it contains an amazing 3D Chamber coupled with the removable Base that can be placed in appropriate sized glass and other materials. The 3rd party parts on this one will blow your mind. The Proxy is basically made from two parts, the glass, and the precision heated Chamber connected to the detachable Base that features four built in temperatures that are easy to adjust.

Try Your Proxy Through A Water Piece

The Proxy is designed to be used dry, and honestly, it’s one of the best experiences without water I’ve had, and you know how I love adding water. The Proxy is powered by the aforementioned 3D Chamber that contains an amazing engine that provides precisely defined levels of heat. The Chamber has heating tracers built into the ceramic bowl that’ll provide a reliably smooth hit that will really bring out the flavour of your extracts.

Looks Cool And Works Even Better

The Proxy has a really cool old school pipe design that’s easy to grasp and looks slick af. Enjoy the modularity, love the process, grab a Puffco Proxy; Marlboro ain’t got nothing on the flavour country you’re about to enter.

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The Puffco Proxy Portable Concentrate Vaporizer

puffco proxy handheld concentrate vaporizer
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