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Here we look at the Puffco Pro, an entry into the higher-end Vape Pen market.Β  Boasting a huge chamber with all metal and ceramic construction, this coil features no wick, glue, or plastic.Β  It also has a variable temperature battery to adjust to your taste.Β  But how does it perform, and is it worth the higher price?Β  Join us as we answer these questions and go over the specifics of the device


0:25 Kit Contents

1:28 Charging

2:01 Atomizer/Coil

3:11 Battery

5:26 Variable Temperature

7:50 Before First Use

8:37 Cleaning The Unit


12:47 Battery Life

14:02 Chamber

14:52 Heat Up Time

15:30 Vapour Quality

16:13 Size Of Hit

17:30 Harshness

18:15 Smell

19:33 Ruggedness

21:27 Stealth Factor

22:43 Final Thoughts

A special thanks to Roger at Puffco for sending me this unit to review!

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