Pax Era Pro Review The Pax Era Pro is miles ahead of 510 with NFC, Bluetooth, haptic feedback, and Dose Control.


Hey guys, it's Sneaky Pete here and today I want to show you a review on the Pax Era Pro. Now, I recently covered the Pax Era Life, and I was a big fan of that. I was so much of a fan that I went ahead and bought the Pax Era Pro the very next day after trying that because I just wanted to try the other model and see what sort of differences there was between the two of them and there were some stark variances between the Pro model and the Life version.

The Life is okay, but this one is just so much better, and it doesn't cost that much more. So, let me tell you about why I like this one so much. So, first things first what is a Pax Era Pro? Well, the Pax Era Pro is the best version in their line-up of Pax Era products. They have the Pax Era, Pax Era Life and then the Pax Era Pro and this is an alternative to 510 cartridges. Instead of using 510 cartridges, the line uses proprietary pods, and they hold your concentrate. In one pod, we have BC Organic Blue Dream, but you can have a variety of different pods and a main difference I find between these and 510 cartridges, is that these are actually good.

More importantly than anything, I actually feel the effects using these, whereas 510 cartridges I find I often don't; something like this can get me totally wrecked. For something that's comparatively worse in all ways, sadly 510 cartridges are much more ubiquitous. You can find them anywhere, all batteries work with all cartridges, but with Pax Era pods, they only work with the Pax Era system and they're not refillable, so you must live in a place where it's legal. Do it yourself is not available here.

Now an important question is: where does this fit in my line-up? I have a ton of really good dry herb vapes, concentrate vapes, but why do I like this so much? Well, this goes with me anywhere. It is the most portable possible system you could imagine. It'll fit in any pocket: shorts, jacket, pants, it really doesn't matter what you have, and the pods also pack a lot of battery life and punch. So, this will actually get you feeling that you can take it with you, and you can sneak a toke anywhere. It fulfils a really important place in my line-up: ripping a sneaky toke while I'm out and about. I mean I don't know about you, but that's one of the things that I need; a bathroom hit, walking from one place to another, these things can do it all. 

For example, a great place to use the Pro is in the passenger seat. I don't use it while I’m driving, and you shouldn’t if you're driving either, but as a passenger or when I'm leaving the car on my way somewhere, I’m gonna grab a couple quick hits. It's the most convenient on-demand way you can possibly use. No loading, no unloading/anything like that, just grab two hits, grab three, whatever you want, and it takes only a couple seconds. If you don't have a system like this, but you are kind of a hardcore vaper, I would really consider it because I think you'd like it too. To check the battery on the Pax Era Pro, just give it a shake and it's going to show one, two, three or four petals and they each represent 25% battery life, so you have 25, 50, 75 or about 100 battery life left displayed. 

When we're talking about the Pax Era Life versus the Pax Era Pro, this isn't really a comparative blog, but the Pax Era Life has a straightforward battery that you put a cartridge in, you set what temperature you want, and you hit it, whereas this is a smart battery. The Pro has many more features than the Life, it packs a substantially better battery, a coloured LED indicator as well as a vibration motor, so you get haptic feedback on the Pro, and I like that.

They have a variety of colours available. You have the regular black, but I went with this blaze red, and I think it's a very cool colour, a very striking colour. They all have this strong metal build, whether the Pax Era, Life or the Pro, so it's going to be a durable and resilient device. Just treat it properly, and it should last you a very long time. 

One of the other things that the Pax Era Pro has built in that you don't get in the Pax Era Life is Bluetooth, so this can interface with your phone directly using the Pax app. So, this has app control, Bluetooth, haptic feedback, so as you can see, it's a bit of a different device. On the bottom, the Pax Era Pro has a USB-C charging port so it's going to charge faster and going to give you around 250 hits depending of course how long your hit is, what temperature and how much you use the haptic feedback, as well as the LEDs. With the app, you can control the level of haptic feedback and brightness of LED, so to go for maximum battery life, turn that haptic feedback off and turn the LEDs down to the minimum. When you look at the top of the Pax Era Pro, there’s kind of a cavity here and that's where your pod is going to go. The Pro has a little wick and it's going to wick that concentrate very efficiently into the atomizer. You just pop your pod in and whenever you're ready to have a hit, just go ahead and inhale.

Now, the Pax Era Pro has a couple really cool features and they both involve using the app. If you have an iPhone, unfortunately you can't download vaping apps from the AppStore, but you can use a web app. So, all you do is use a Bluetooth enabled device and then just shake your Pax Era Pro until you see the blue lights. Once you see the blue lights, then it's going to be ready to sync with the app. It syncs up quickly and then you can name it, and then that's how you control everything. Trust me, with this one you want to go through the effort of setting up the app, because this has some super cool features.

Now before I address the Bluetooth in this, it's important to note that you do not have to use Bluetooth in any way shape or form. If you want to use this in a low-tech fashion, you totally can; the smartphone integration is absolutely optional. So, if you don't want to use a smartphone at all, all you're going to do is put your pod in there and then that's going to tell you your temperature. If I'm going to take my pod out, I’ll need to see it to put it in, and that's going to be set to a temperature three out of four now. If I want to change my temperature, all I'm going to do is sort of push the pod in and out rapidly. You don't have to place it all the way in or take it all the way out, you're just going to push the pod in and out of the receiving area to adjust that temperature and it will shuffle: three, four, one, two and back to three, then push that in fully and we're going to be at our desired temperature now. If I take that pod out and put a different pod in, well this one's not at temperature three and why is that? 

Well, if you look at this pod, out of two different pods we have for the device, one has a red gasket up top and one doesn't. So, the red one is considered to be a next level or a “smart pod” while the other one is an older style or a “dumb pod.” Using the Bluetooth integration on the app, the growers can put in the recommended temperature for their pod. So, the person who's making the extraction, they're going to say the extract is best at 587 degrees and the Era is going to automatically recognize that from a smart pod and then that's what it's going to set the temperature to. I think that's a super cool setting I would recommend that you try what the manufacturer actually recommends first before you venture out on your own, as this is going to give you a good sense of what temperature the oil best vaporizes at. After that, you are free to dial it in based on your specific preferences.

Now one thing I think is super cool is that I've got a different pod here this is a smart pod. Now I don't really like what the extractor recommends, I think it's way too low, so I have this set to temperature three and that's what I vaporize it at. Keep in mind, you can fine tune these temperatures using the app. You can use the wheel to dial in exactly what you want, you don't just have to choose temperature one, two, three, or four, you can actually go specifically to whatever temperature you like. So, as you notice, if I take a pod out, the temperature is set to the grower's recommended temperature. Now when I put the pod with the customized temperature though, look at what the device goes to. It goes to temperature three because that's what I had set this pod to, so it will remember what temperature I prefer for that specific smart pod. 

For example, when I put in this pod it goes to the extractors recommended temperature because that's what I like for this pod, but when I take it out and replace it with the customized pod, it's going to go to temperature three because that's what I like for this one. Now that I know about the differences between pods, this is the only kind I'm going to buy because I love that it remembers my temperatures and I don't have to change it manually depending on what pod I'm using. 

In the app, you can find information about strains, and you can also find recommendations and reviews from people about specific strains and even research different pods that you want to try before you buy them. It's cool, there’s a community aspect in there as well. You may not find it very useful, but if you live somewhere that has a very active scene, I would certainly use that as a resource. Another thing that you can do in the app is to lock or unlock your device for an added level of safety. 

The last thing you can do that I think is ultra-cool is that it has dosage control, which is going to make it really accessible for somebody new to concentrates. It’s really easy to get way too high your first time but they knew users still want to feel something, so the dosage control allows you to do is take a prescribed dose whether that's one, two, three, or four, whatever your preference is. Essentially a new user would start at level one and learn what it's going to do and go from there. The device is only going to let an allotted amount of THC out and then it'll stop, so it's going to take factors in like how much THC is in the cartridge, how hard you draw on it and then what temperature you're using it at. So, if you use that at a higher temperature, that toke is going to happen much faster than at a lower temperature. If you draw really slowly it's going to take longer than if you draw quickly, so this is a way to control your dosage and get a predictable repeatable experience in your cannabis usage. I think that is super cool, I would love to see that on every single vaporizer as you're always kind of left guessing. You often must dial it in yourself whereas this helps do that for you. So, in this instance, it is going to the grower's recommended temperature and I have it set to a three-dose control. I'm going to go ahead and inhale, you’re going to see these lights illuminate and then they're going to turn off as my toke finishes. The device is going to vibrate to let me know my toke is finished and whenever it's ready to go again it's going to vibrate again, then I can hit it once more if I want.

So, let's go ahead and have this hit. It vibrates again to let me know if I want to have another hit, it’s ready. It’s going to be the exact same hit size, so it’s very repeatable. It feels like I'm blowing out the exact same hit twice, which I think is an ultra-cool feature. The pods come in either the 0.5 gram or a full one-gram size. I am using a one-gram pod and I have it set to temperature three. 

With the Pax Era Pro, you get instant, on-demand action and it is inhale activated, so there's no buttons, not even an on and off switch. Whenever you want to have a hit, just go ahead and inhale and if you don't have the dosage control turned on, whenever you're done your hit, just stop inhaling. You can just do a little quick one or you can do a longer one, just make sure you give it a few seconds in between hits for the atomizer to cool down. You don't want to do back-to-back super-hot hits, or you can end up burning out the atomizer.

It provides very tasty hits; this is a Strawberry Diesel. Switching to a different strain, this pod is a BC Organic Blue Dream. It tastes completely different -- mmm -- so just a totally different flavour between the pods. I find them to have way stronger effects than 510s overall. I can hit cartridges kind of indefinitely, but I find with a few hits of the Pro, it is more akin to having a dab, or hitting something like a Puffco Proxy more so than I would expect from my experience with cartridges.

So overall, I have been super happy with the Pax Era Pro. I love all the changes and upgrades they made from the Pax Era Life and the only thing you really lose is that slightly smaller size that the Pax Era Life offers. The Pro isn't much bigger at all, it’s still insanely portable and easy to take with you and can get you up to 250 hits. You can definitely get less than that, as I like the haptic feedback and I do longer hits, but I mean if you can get 150, 200 hits or something like that, you’re laughing. This is going to last you a couple days out and about easily and the pods give really good flavour and much stronger effects than I ever get from 510 cartridges. 

Even though you can use it without it, having the Bluetooth integration is a complete game changer for me. I love that it has the grower’s recommended temperatures; you finally get the best flavours you possibly can when you use those temperatures. Having the dosage control puts it on a whole different level, as it makes it so much easier for those people who are a little bit hesitant to have that first hit. It gives you the option of just having a one dose kind of a thing, just use it with Control and then stop for 15 minutes. If you want to have one more, do it after 15 minutes, just that easy. It makes it simple for new people to get into the system, but then for more experienced people, you get fantastic flavour and really strong effects from a huge variety of different pods. To top it off, when you use the Pro, it's going to remember your temperature and that just makes it a little more personalized.

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