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The Pax 2 is the follow up to the genre-defining Pax 1.  It set the standard for what to expect from an ultra-portable dry herb vaporizer.  The Pax 2 sets to improve on every aspect of the original Pax; battery life, vapour quality etc.  Were they able to improve these aspects and more for the device?  Join us as we answer this and much more.


0:21 Components Of Kit

2:12 Mouthpieces 

5:18 How To Use

6:29 How To Pack a Bowl

8:13 Flexibility

8:31 Cleanin

14:09 Pax 1 vs Pax 2

16:57 Easter Eggs 


17:44 Battery Life

19:30 Heat Up Time

20:00 Taste

20:20 Size of Toke

21:03 Harshness / Smoothness

22:08 Smell

23:04 Efficiency 

24:14 ABV

24:26 Stealth Factor

25:04 Gripes

26:38 Final Thoughts

A special thanks to Kate at Ploom for sending me this unit to review!

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