Min.E-Rig Portable Dab Rig - Product Demo | GWNVC's Vaporizer Reviews


🇨🇦 - https://bit.ly/393afws

Demo Hit - Temperature 2/4

Sleek, durable, and best of all, ultra-portable, the Min.E-Rig from Vaping Fans combines the power and functionality of a traditional extract vaporizer with the convenience of true portability. The Min.E-Rig is packed with innovation and style, it has a stunning borosilicate glass top water bubbler to cool and filter vapor, and your choice of four easy to distinguish temperatures that enhance your experience by offering you varying amounts of vapor. Subtle LED indicator lights and haptic vibration notifications will keep you informed of your vaporizer's current temperature and battery state. The included carb cap fits the bowl perfectly and looks good doing it, while also helping you get maximum vapor at lower temperatures.

This easy to operate device utilizes replaceable rechargeable batteries, which are rapidly charged via USB-C, to ensure that you’re never caught without a full charge. This increases the device’s modularity and you can get that 'brand new' experience at any time by just swapping out the batteries. Live your best life, wherever it may take you, with the Min.E-Rig.

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