PodPal by Maxcore Stealth, Power and Longevity | Product Demo

The Maxcore PodPal is one of those rare devices that combines stealth, power, and longevity, and we’re here for it. It's an innocuous looking gadget that resembles an AirPod style case, so you’ll be able to bring the PodPal with you anywhere. Packed to the gills with battery, the case features a 700mAh battery that provides around nine charges to the included pen which holds 80mAh. It should be enough battery life to last most users roughly a week.

Combined with the USB-C charging, this means you should never go long without the ability to utilize this device. The case holds two of the pods that contain your solution, one attached to the pen and another to bring along with you. The single use pods are easy to fill with a standard distillate syringe, they feature a ceramic atomizer and have a 1ml capacity. The fact that the case holds two pods is especially great if you’re the type that likes to switch between different strains.

The metal-bodied pen includes a battery indicator that matches the one on the front of the case and maintains a magnetic connection while in the case, for a nice secure fit. The pods connect to the pen in the same fashion for effortless switching. The pen is inhale activated for simplicity. If you are into oils, this is the pen for you. Coupling that extra-long battery life with purposeful simplicity, the Maxcore PodPal should definitely find a place in your pocket.