Lotus Vaporizer Review Pre-heat for 3 seconds and then start inhaling! The Lotus is easy to use but delivers impressive performance.


The Lotus is an easy-to-use butane vaporizer that is known for its exceptional flavour. The Lotus has a really unique design; essentially, it’s this one analogue piece but as you can imagine that's a little hard to use by itself, so you're going to want to integrate this this is a 14-millimeter joint with either a J hook if you want to use it dry or with your favourite water pipe.
The Lotus is compatible with both dry herb and concentrate. We prefer to use it with dry herb but it's nice that you have the option of either. The Lotus consists of two main parts that are held together by magnets. On the main section, you’ll find the vapour cap with the lotus flower on the front and the logo is going to act as a target to help you aim your flame and on the bottom of the device is the water pipe adapter and bowl.
There is a chance that you might have seen this device before, as it's been around for a while. We first reviewed the Lotus in 2018 but it's since made a resurgence and it's now produced by the same team that make the Vapman which we think is pretty cool because it has that same sort of vibe as the Vapman, so it makes sense that they’re in the same family now. On the bottom of the cap, there is a small, built-in stirring tool and that's very handy.

One thing I really like about the Lotus is how it works with the airflow. Even though you're heating the top with a butane flame, all of the airflow is coming from the bottom. If you take a look at the bottom of the device, the holes you’ll notice are where your airflow is going to come from and then that heat is going to be pulled from the heating plate and then down into your flower. Additionally, as soon as you stop inhaling on the Lotus, the vaporization process stops and that is super convenient because you're not just roasting your load without hitting it.
If you want to vape with concentrate on the Lotus instead of dry herb it's going to be the same process, but you are going to need to put something in that bowl, like as small screen or metal sponge. If you place concentrate in the bowl directly, it's going to run right into your water piece. You might also notice this little extra arm on the side and that's designed so you can easily pull the Lotus out of your water piece or just to handle it while it's warm.
Now, although the Lotus is held together by magnets, they're not strong magnets, just strong enough so that it holds everything in place. Beyond the build, the fantastic flavour, and the way that it isolates the air path from the butane flame, what we really love is how easy it is to use. You’ll notice that when you look right in the center of the lotus flower there is a little bit of an indent or a bump and that's the target where you want to aim your flame.
To use the Lotus, after you load your flower, you're going to heat it directly in the center for about three seconds, then you're going to start inhaling. If you find the vapour is getting too thick, inhale harder or inhale softer if it's not quite as thick as you want. Simply, it's mainly your inhalation speed that's going to control how thick the vapour is. After you’ve finished your hit, go ahead, and remove the flame and on to the next one.
The vapour cap here requires no maintenance. Essentially, this is a brand-new cap, so yours will not look like this for very long. Pretty much as soon as you heat it up, it's going to show signs of wear like with the DynaVap Cap, but with the water pipe adapter section, all you're going to need to do is just toss the glass in isopropyl alcohol and it'll come back as clean as brand new.
The best way to fill the bowl is using one of our Glass Scoops and we tend to fill the bowl up probably a little over halfway. It is not a huge bowl, so this is not something that you're going to be loading in a tonne of material in, but it says specifically not to tamp it down; you want a nice airy load. Once your flower is loaded, tap it slightly without tamping so you can be sure that it is a flat pack. Your flame length is important as well; their documentation says that the inner flame of your lighter should be about the distance between two points on the lotus flower. Definitely take the time and set your lighter up properly so that you're going to have the best results possible. We tend to give it about a 3 second preheat before we inhale.
The results are super smooth. The flavour is absolutely exceptional; sometimes you don't get flavour this good from a butane device, but this tastes as pure and true as you're going to get from pretty much any vaporizer. new love that if you want to go from vaping dry to vaping with water you can just grab that little arm and drop that in your water pipe. We recommend taking advantage of that little arm and also give it a stir in between hits with the built-in stirring tool that works really well, there’s no reason not to. When you enjoy it through a water pipe, we find to start with a preheat for a few seconds and then a slow inhale to get that thick vapour.
The results are super tasty and because you're getting convection vapour, you can definitely feel those hits right away. All in all, the Lotus is extremely easy to use it's a very analogue experience. Add that the flavour is out of this world, and the design it has its own sort of magic, and you find yourself with a really unique device that kills it in all aspects.

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