How To Tighten A DynaVap Cap The Easy Way to Find the Right Fit | A Guide by Sneaky Pete

Today I want to go over a question I get asked all the time – How do I tighten or adjust my DynaVap cap? The cap is the magic of the DynaVap system, it has a temperature indicating click that lets you know when your device is at the best temperature for vaporizing. If you respect the click and stop heating as soon as you hear it, you’ll get a great vape every time. The general rule is that the longer it takes to reach the click, the hotter your oven and cannabis will be and the thicker your hit will be. A faster click means a lighter hit, but much better flavour.

So, this all sounds good, but say you order a new DynaVap, and when it arrives the Cap is so loose that it keeps falling off. Your friend’s DynaVap doesn’t do this. What’s going on? Did you get a faulty vape? Do you need a new cap?

The good news is no, you don’t need a new cap and your DynaVap isn’t faulty, you just need to adjust your cap. It is super easy to do! I haven’t had a DynaVap yet that I have not adjusted the cap of. I like a nice tight fit, so even if they’re already reasonably tight out of the box I still give mine an extra tightening for that ultra-secure fit. The caps are made from stainless steel and they are very strong, so don’t fear manually tightening them up. As long as you don’t go nuts on them, they are incredibly difficult to damage through normal use and adjustment.

How to Tighten Your Cap

First, remove the cap from your DynaVap tip and hold it between your thumb and forefinger, with one on the side of the poker and the other on the opposite side. Now just pinch the cap near where the cap opens, not up at the top where the clicker lives. When I pinch mine, I also gently roll it side to side about 1/8th of a full rotation. After giving it a good pinch, put it back on the tip and assess the fit. If it’s tight enough, you're good to go, but if it’s not, just give it another pinch and repeat until you get the fit you’re after. I start with a smaller pinch and come back to adjust again if necessary, instead of going all out with the initial tightening.

But what if you tighten it TOO much?

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How to Loosen Your Cap

If you tighten the cap up too much, don’t worry because that’s very easy to fix as well. Hold the cap between your thumb and forefinger again, but this time turned 90° from the tightening position, so your finger and thumb are on either side of the poker. You’re basically just bending it back in the opposite direction. Now do the same pinch and subtle roll to loosen the fit, test, and repeat if needed.

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DynaVap caps are strong and sometimes they need a solid pinch or two for tightening/loosening. If it's not right after the first pinch, just repeat until you get the exact fit you’re after. I have handled many DynaVaps in my time and I’ve seen some extremely loose caps, but I’ve never had one that wasn’t easily tightened up using this method. Just don’t go Hulk mode on the first pinch. I’d never use a tool or anything other than bare hands to do this. If necessary you could do it with two hands, just use the same pinch and roll technique.

One last thing to remember, constant heating and cooling of your cap (especially in the first few cycles) may cause the fit to change a little. Caps tend to find their perfect fit after a little use and exposure to heat. Use the technique you just learned again to re-adjust if this happens after that first fitting. After this, it’s unlikely that you’ll need any more changes.

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