Freight Train Injector Vaporizer Review The Freight Train delivers strong, tasty, powerful hits with ease.


Hey guys, Sneaky Pete here, and today I want to bring you a review on the new Freight Train from Old Head Customs. The Freight Train is an injector style desktop vaporizer, and I have been loving it since it arrived. It perfectly suits my vaporizing style, which is one solid hit at a time through water, which is exactly how The Freight Train is designed to function, and it does a great job of it.


First, what is an injector style vaporizer? Well, think of the Flower Engine like a heat blaster. Essentially, the injector is the core heating unit of the vaporizer, and you hold the Engine in or over any number of different types of bowls, and as you inhale this injects a powerful heat stream directly into your bowl. There are numerous iterations of this system and they all function in a somewhat similar way, and this is a massively growing segment of vaporizers, as many people consider injector vapes to be endgame sort of set ups.

The Freight Train consists of a few different components, and I really like that this comes as a pre-assembled kit. While some people like to build units, I much prefer something with no assembly required so there is nothing that I can do wrong. The main injector section is called the Flower Engine, and this is made from pure grade 2 titanium, filled with 4mm ruby spheres to give you a massive amount of residual heat as well as a complex and super pure air path. The bottom of the Flower Engine has a showerhead design which is made to give you even vaporization with no hotspots, which I have always found to be the case with the Freight Train; it browns the material extremely evenly even when pulling hard.

This screenless design of the Flower Engine means that you don’t have to worry about these ruby spheres accidentally coming out as the way it’s designed doesn’t allow them to escape. When you buy the Freight Train Starter Kit, you get everything you need to get started, except for the water piece you’ll need to run it through. Just add your favourite 14mm female water piece to complete the setup.  The vape even comes in a zippered case to make it easier to bring it with you. The coil comes pre-wrapped around the Flower Engine so it’s going to be assembled properly and securely. Off the coil you get this plastic handle which is a nice addition. With some injector Vapes the coil doesn’t have any sort of handle, and you can totally use it like that, but I much prefer to have a simple handle like this as it makes it easier to manoeuvre overall, and gives you piece of mind that you’re not going to burn your fingers.

Between the coil and the PID (or controller) it has a very long cable which came very kinked, but it gives you a ton of length to set up your PID anywhere you want in your setup. It plugs into the PID unit with a very secure clicking XLR style connection, though with different pins than an XLR cable. The controller has single degree temperature adjustment, but I wouldn’t think of it so much as temperature as much as a setting, and a good place to start with this unit is between 600 and 650 on the PID. It includes this basic stainless-steel stand for your Flower Engine to sit on while it is in between hits, as well as a 14mm glass extraction chamber with a little glass handle on the side.  Keep in mind, the Flower Engine has tapered fins and is specifically designed to work in most injector bowls. If you don’t like this glass one for some reason, you can get a wood one, or any different variety of glass injector bowls instead.

Heat-up Time/Controls

The PID for the Freight Train has a physical button on the back, meaning this is a perfect candidate to turn on and off automatically with a Smart Plug. This is an extremely convenient inclusion, and one I am always happy to see. It takes about five minutes to overshoot the temperature and then drop back down to where you have it set, but ideally, I would give it a solid 10-15 minutes to properly heat soak before you have your session. Though if in a pinch, you can hit it when it arrives at temperature, it just won’t have quite the same punch until it fully heat soaks. After it’s turned on use the plus and minus buttons on the front to adjust the temperature, and my two most use settings are 625 and 645, the lower setting more for flavour and effects, and the higher one for maximum power.

How to Use

Aside from the outstanding performance, one of the best things about injector style vaporizers is that they are incredibly easy to use, and they make it easy to achieve excellent results. While you have the Flower Engine sitting in the stand waiting, load up your glass injector bowl, making sure that you have flower completely covering the screen. You don’t have to load it to the brim, although you totally can if you want, and it works amazingly. You can also have a nice thin layer of flower, and this is what I prefer as you run through and change out your material more often, but make sure you have the complete screen covered either way. I use the Old Head measuring scoop to load the glass bowl, but a funnel is a great option as well and a super handy tool to have.

If you are using it for the first time, I would set the PID to 630, and when you have the bowl placed on a 14mm female water piece, place the Flower Engine right into the bowl so it rests in there hands-free. Then go ahead and inhale, and the great thing about a vaporizer like this is it has a huge amount of power. This means that you don’t have to inhale lightly if you don’t want to, although you can and that is how I would use it for the best possible flavour.  You can also inhale as hard as you possibly can, and it will vaporizer flower in a different manner compared to a slow pull. My favourite way to use it is to pull as hard as I can for the first five seconds or so, and then let up a bit for the rest of the hit. I do one or two hits per bowls maximum, and when you change it out like this you get the best possible effects and taste from your flower, in an efficient manner. I would recommend stirring and gently tamping down your bowl in between each hit for best results and efficiency.

Extraction Quality

The extraction quality on the Freight Train is fantastic. The grade 2 titanium and ruby sphere construction means that you get an exceptionally pure air path, which results in amazing flavour. If you want the best flavour possible, use it in a dry water piece with no water, but even through water the flavour is excellent. As this is designed to be ripped through water, the hits are super smooth, even at temperature 650. I would go with a larger rather than smaller water piece for this as it’s a heavy hitter, but through a smaller water piece just use a slightly lower temp. As it is a pure convection system, the effects are super strong, the Freight Train will run you over. One hit at a time is enough with this vape, and you can get as large and thick of a hit as you could ever want. Injector Vapes are true heavy hitters, but not at the expense of vapour quality. Having this much convection power wash over your material in an instant fashion is a great way to vaporize and enjoy the best part of your flower.


The Freight Train is a high efficiency system when you stir it in between every hit. It has a deep bowl so it’s easy to stir, and it will get every bit of active material out of your flower. If you temperature ramp your session up, you will get every molecule of what your flower has to offer. I can’t overstate how convenient the system is, especially if you have it set up with a smart plug. It turns on in the morning, and it’s ready for a ‘walk up and have a hit at any second I am awake’ situation, and then it turns off at night. Maintenance is super minimal, just clean the included glass bowl in isopropyl alcohol and that’s really all there is to it.

Strong Points

The Freight Train is a super easy to use system. Once you set up your temperature set up you will probably do very little if any adjusting, and if you set it up like I have mine, it just exists in a perpetual ready to go state. The overall experience of using it, loading, and unloading it, all the things you’ll do regularly, is all very straightforward and basic. The extraction quality is super high with this system. You really enjoy the purity of the air path in the flavour the system offers, but the injector style system gives you that huge power reserve which can milk up your water piece in only a few seconds if you pull hard.

Weak Points

When I opened my Freight Train, the cord was folded together very tightly, and it still has quite a memory and multiple kinks I am working out. They really should’ve wrapped rather than folded the cord, as when I first set it up it really wanted to pull the Flower Engine right out of the stand. When you are pulling the Flower Engine out of the included glass bowl, you want to make sure that you pull straight up, as on occasion it does get stuck in the glass. Luckily it tends to drop quite quickly after it got stuck, but if you are not careful it could pull right out of the water piece and end up smashing.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, the Freight Train could easily find its place to be a daily driver in my set up. A vaporizer of this style perfectly fits how I like to consume, and the convenience the system offers is exactly what I’m after in my desktop setup. Injector vaporizers are growing in popularity as they make it incredibly easy to get great results, which makes them a great choice for beginners. But they also have so much potential power to delivery knockout hits, which appeals to the more experienced consumer. The 100% convection vapour is appreciated by any flavour snob, and the overall power of the system enabling it deliver satisfying rips in seconds will appeal to the power enthusiast. I think the cable could use a little improvement or some better packaging, and if you are into injector vapes, I would consider trying a few different bowls as they each offer their own characteristics you may prefer, but the included one is solid and works well.

Overall, the Freight Train has been an excellent fit into my line-up, and my most used vape since I got it. If you think that an injector style set up would appeal to you, I highly recommend that you consider it, as after having spent some time with one, I can see why people consider these endgame devices.

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