E-Nano Review


The E-Nano is a desktop log vaporizer.  It is really small, about 2” by 3.75”, and it fits great on any desk.  The ceramic heating element is housed in a food grade stainless-steel heater sheath.  No air passes over electronics and it has convection heating with hot air being pulled through your material to vaporize the good stuff.  The temperature is fully adjustable via the rotary dial that goes to 11. 

The E-Nano was designed and is built in the USA.  It is made from natural materials with no paints or laminates and the company does a complete burn off at the factory so you’re ready to go out of the box.  You can choose from stainless screens, glass screens, or an extended stem which is what I highly recommend.  The packaging and instructions are basic.  It’d be nice if they’d include a water pipe adapter as that’s what I use it with 90% of the time.



The E-Nano is a super simple vaporizer to use.  Plug it into the wall and turn the dial up to your desired temperature.  The LED on the front will get brighter with increased temperature or it will turn off when you shut the vape down.  It is an extremely simple interface.  I used either the 6 or 7 settings the majority of the time, though I found 7 to be too hot without water conditioning. 

It takes the E-Nano a couple of minutes to fully heat up.  You can turn it up to 10 for under two minutes and then turn it down to your desired temperature to supercharge the heat up time.  With the stainless screen, I like to push it reasonably far away so it’s not right by the heater, or else you will get hot spots.  I like a good half inch between the heater and my material. 

When you want big hits use ground herb, and when you're chasing flavour use a whole bud.  Just push is gently down so it occupies most of the tube.  You want the air to be forced to flow over and through the material, not just freely passing around and by it.  Using a water pipe adapter just put it in the pipe and hit away.  Towards the end of your hit life the E-Nano off your piece and clear it out.  You can hit it as long and as hard as you want.  The heater can keep up with big pulls.

To use a stem, turn the unit upside down and place the stem in then turn it back upright and enjoy a long slow draw.  I like to spin the stem on my E-Nano slowly, doing so seems to distribute the heat best.  With either whole bud or ground herbs do give it a stir after a few hits.  When you’re done just empty it out.  It empties more easily when it’s still warm.  You’ll also find it’s really easy to clean, just rinse it with some isopropyl alcohol, dry, and your good to go.  The included tubes make this easy.



You can use your E-Nano with either herb or concentrates, but I only use mine with herb.  I don’t like steel discs or cotton setups but I have seen people have incredible results using concentrates with this thing.



The E-Nano heats up in only two minutes, which is quick for a desktop.  They don’t recommend doing this, but I’ve left mine plugged in for a week at a time with no issues.  It gets warm to touch but reaches maximum temperature and stays there, it doesn’t just keep getting hotter and hotter.  One of my favourite things about this vape it that you can leave it on at a lower temperature then just boost it up to your desired temp and have a massive hit at any time.  It is so simple and effective. 



The E-Nano gives outstanding taste when you’re using the whole bud.  It’s truly hard to beat.  The vapour pathway is pure and the flavour of the bud is as natural as it gets.  I found the short stem too harsh for me even on the lower temperatures as it’s just too close to the heater.  The longer stem puts you farther away and the cooler vapour gives a solid experience even without water.  When you do put it on a water piece however even the largest hits will be incredibly smooth.  The heater can keep up with the biggest hits leaving you blowing out massive cloud after massive cloud.  The complete vapour quality makes the E-Nano a good buy.



This is another category the E-Nano excels in.  You only need a little pinch of good herb to get a big milky hit.  With just a small bud in there, I usually get around four massive hits, but it can really vary with your total bowl size.  You will need to stir it after a couple of hits, but it’s easy and not messy to stir.  This vape will save you money, they even guarantee it on their site.



The E-Nano is a heavy hitter for sure.  Convection heating vapes your herb through a wide temperature range so you get a very full and complete extraction.  A few big hits from this should be enough for anyone and you can pass it around in a group for back to back to back hits with friends.  It is a good party piece.



It feels very solid and well made.  The power cord is 2.5 metres long and durable and it has a large rotary dial.  There isn’t any shaking or rattling.  The cord connections are solid as well.  This thing should last you forever.  It does get a bit warmer than I’d like, but never too hot.



The E-Nano is extremely convenient.  Plug it in and keep it on low or on regular though it’s not officially recommended, and hit it whenever you want.  There isn’t much to have to clean or maintain, just set it and forget it.  It is definitely not big and doesn’t look like a vape so you can just leave it out on a desk or table and it kind of fits into the normal room décor.  There also are not of little parts to have to fuss with. 



It is very affordable starting at only $190USD for the basic models.  It goes up from there with exotic and specialty woods.  If you don’t have a desktop vape this is a great one to consider.  It has a solid 3-year warranty, a lifetime warranty on the heater, and a satisfaction guarantee.  If you don’t love it, send it back.  You can use code sneaky17 to save an additional 10% on your order.



It is very basic and straightforward.  It’s like an appliance, you just turn it on for the day and use it whenever you like, extremely convenient.  The E-Nano also gives superb vapour quality and amazing taste thanks to the clean materials used making the air pathway pure.  The quality of the construction, materials, and the fact that it’s built in the USA are all pluses.  There is a focus on health and purity in the materials used and the experience.  The stem has octagonal plastic on it so it will not roll away.  It also glows in the dark.  Finally, the cord is really long, and the analogue dial is very accurate.  I love that it goes up to 11.



The screen placement can be tricky at first.  I still get hot spots here and there, but this can be mitigated by turning the stem slightly as you’re using it.  The vape gets warmer than I’d like when it’s left on.  Make sure to leave yours on at a lower temperature and turn it up when you’re ready to take a hit.  The glass stems get dirty faster than I’d like with constant stirring.  This will negatively impact the vapour purity, but it’s easy to fix with simple regular cleaning.  A water pipe adapter should be included.  Without water conditioning, I wouldn’t use my E-Nano half as much.



The E-Nano is an amazing little log vape that is super-efficient, hits you right in the dome, and provides some of the tastiest and purest vapour you’ve ever had.  With coupon code sneaky10 it is incredibly affordable and you’ll definitely be saving money on your material over time by using this very efficient device.  As mentioned, it is constructed from safe materials and has a great warranty with a satisfaction guarantee, so there is no risk if you want to try out this kick-ass vape.  If you’re looking for a totally simple and extremely effective desktop vaporizer the E-Nano is a fantastic choice that I’d recommend to anyone!


Keep it green, keep it sneaky!

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