DynaVap vs Sticky Brick - Pete's Pick

Hey guys, welcome to Pete’s Pick, the series where I compare several aspects of two different devices, with the aim of helping you decide which one would be the best choice for you. I will also let you know which one of the two is my favourite and that is going to be Pete’s Pick.

Today I’m going to be comparing the DynaVap with the Sticky Brick. As these are both product lines with numerous models and varieties, I’m going to frame the discussion by comparing our best selling model from each lineup, so let’s compare the DynaVap M and the Sticky Brick Junior.

If you’re looking for more information about either of these devices we have a full individual review for each of them, check out the DynaVap M here and the Sticky Brick Junior here.


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The DynaVap M is absolutely tiny, they really don’t come any smaller than this. It’s just over 3 1/2 inches tall, and weighs only 19g. It has a full stainless steel build apart from the o-rings, so it’s a super strong and resilient device that should last you forever.

The Sticky Brick Junior is available in a few different wood options, and it has an internally stored glass flame intake and mouthpiece. It’s quite a clever design as the glass pieces fold within the top protective piece, which is secured by strong magnets to make it a travel friendly option. It measures about 5” x 3” x 1”, and it weighs in at 225g.

The victor in this category is a pretty easy choice, I much prefer the minuscule size of the DynaVap rather than the comparatively much larger Junior. The DynaVap is virtually the dimensions of a cigarette but still a super powerful and efficient device, it’s really tough to beat DynaVap here.


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The DynaVap M is most commonly heated with a small butane torch lighter, although you can also use an induction heater, a regular BIC lighter, or even an unconventional heat source like a car engine block. You heat the cap of the device until it makes a click sound, and then rip it.

The Sticky Brick Jr is also heated with a small butane torch lighter, but that is the only method that works with this one. Simply aim the flame of the butane torch into the glass flame intake while you inhale, there is no preheating necessary like with the DynaVap.

I give the edge to the DynaVap M here, it allows you way more options for how you can heat the device. A torch lighter or induction heater are the only two ways I would really recommend, but it’s nice that you can use the device with alternate methods if you’re in a pinch.


The DynaVap M heats up in around 10-15 seconds, the heat-up time can change depending on your torch position and that will also change the characteristics of your hit. If you want a bigger hit, heat it for a few seconds past the click, just don’t push it too far.

The Sticky Brick Junior has virtually no heat-up time, you inhale as soon as you put your torch to the flame intake, and if you don’t use restrictor discs you could be getting a huge extraction in mere seconds. If you use the restrictor discs it takes a bit longer, but it’s still a very quick process.

The Sticky Brick Junior is faster overall to heat up and complete your hit, since you are heating and inhaling at the same time instead of heating first and then inhaling. In general you don’t find many devices that can finish a hit from cold faster than a Sticky Brick.

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The DynaVap M is a very easy device to use, but there is definitely a learning curve. After you have your oven loaded, hold the cap of the device above the point of the inner flame of your lighter, and then it is imperative that you consistently rotate the device until it makes an audible click. If you don’t rotate it consistently enough or if you go way past the click, you run the risk of combustion.

When you have a restrictor disc installed, the Sticky Brick Junior is very easy to use. Simply put the point of the inner flame of your lighter into the flame intake and inhale while your finger covers the shotgun. Without a restrictor disc there is much more technique involved and you will probably combust a few times while you practice getting the technique nailed.

This one is a really close call, but I give a slight edge to the DynaVap M here. When you don’t have a restrictor disc in your Sticky Brick, you really have to learn the subtleties of torch position and inhalation speed to get optimal results. The DynaVap is easier as there is less technique required to get the desired results.


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The DynaVap M produces way better results than you would expect from a device this small. It’s well known for being able to deliver thick and powerful hits in short order. The flavour is very good at low temperatures, but with the hotter thick hits it starts to get a little muddy.

With the Sticky Brick Junior you’re getting a pure convection extraction which delivers outstanding terpy flavour. Sticky Bricks are also massively heavy hitters which can produce staggering effects.

I give the extraction edge to the Sticky Brick Junior, it’s tough to get equally terpy hits from a DynaVap, and while both are capable of producing thick vapour, the Sticky Brick is one of the heaviest hitting butane devices out there.


The DynaVap has a small chamber, so even at the full bowl capacity you’re putting a tiny amount in there. Keep in mind that you can adjust your CCD or toss in one of our Half-Bowl Converters to make the chamber even smaller, you’ll be loading a minuscule amount of flower but still achieving excellent results. It gives you quite an even roast, but it’s very difficult to stir the bowl without making a mess, so I usually end up changing out my load when the flavour is gone, rather than when it has been 100% extracted.

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With the pure convection heating of the Junior the efficiency is insane. If you give your flower a stir between every hit, it will produce way more vapour than you would ever think possible from that amount. It has a decently sized bowl that you can get a good amount of flower into, and it will extract every last molecule available.

The Junior gives me better efficiency overall, even though the bowl is significantly larger I utilize all of the active material in the bowl because I can stir it to refresh that flavour in between my hits, whereas with my DynaVap I usually do two hits per bowl before I change it out when the taste is totally gone.


The DynaVap M is super small, so it’s easy to take with you anywhere. It’s also virtually bulletproof, so you don’t need to worry about breaking glass or anything like that. Load a bowl up, toss a lighter in your pocket, it doesn’t even matter if you drop kick it down the street, as long as your load doesn’t spill it’s going to be ready to go at any time.

The Junior is small for a Sticky Brick, but it’s still going to take up a good amount of space in your pocket. You can do super quick hits with it, which really helps the convenience factor, but having the internal glass pieces means you need to be a little more careful, as even if it’s covered it’s always possible to break glass.

Due to the smaller size, the indestructible nature, and the quick heat-up time, the DynaVap M is the more convenient device of the two to use. A DynaVap and a lighter take up very little space in your pocket, and if you add a little herb storage container you have everything you need for a night out in the palm of your hand.

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My favourite things about the DynaVap M are the performance and the size. For a device this small it can give you way larger hits than you would ever expect, and those hits don’t take long to cook up. The device itself is absolutely tiny and easy to take anywhere, but it’s also incredibly strong so you can just throw it into a bag without needing to worry.

With the Sticky Brick Junior I love the efficiency and the extreme hit size. If you’re trying to save money on flower the Junior is brilliant, it’s an insanely efficient device when you stir it in between hits, and those hits can be absolutely tremendous, full convection monsters that will lay you out flat.


So which is Pete’s Pick? Which would I decide on between these two devices? My choice is the DynaVap M. Once you have the learning curve mastered it is an extremely easy device to use that can give you nice light terpy hits, or super thick milky ones, and it doesn’t take long to produce them. I also really like how small and compact the device is, while also remaining incredibly resilient. If you don’t do something bizarre to damage it or lose it, it really should last indefinitely, all for only $75USD.


I hope you enjoyed this entry of Pete’s Pick and that it might make your vaporizer choice easier. Check out VapeNorth.ca and SneakyPeteStore.com where you can find all of the different products and accessories you see me using in my videos.

Thanks so much for reading and watching guys, I really appreciate it.

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