DynaVap Titaniu"M" Review In either QuantiuM or NebuluM, the DynaVap Titaniu"M" is a beautiful new titanium version of the M+.


The New DynaVap Titaniu"M” Has Arrived!

The DynaVap M has always been a stainless-steel device including the most recent one, the new DynaVap M+ with that crazy wood texture on it. Well, that changes now because DynaVap has released the new Titaniu“M” which is a titanium M and it's available in both a NebuluM and a QuantiuM variety. Because of this, it's called the Titaniu”M” rather than the Titanium M+ but essentially, this is an M plus made from titanium.

New Material, New Finishes

Now, the cool thing about this device is that all of the parts, except for the cap, are made from titanium. Basically, the body is titanium, the tip is titanium as well as the condenser inside. Even though you don't really see it, the condenser also got some cool machining work as well and it looks much cooler than just a straight tube condenser. Both of these new models utilize DynaVap’s new titanium treatment process and that is able to provide wild colours and textures to titanium without the use of any harsh chemicals.

The Nebulum aka Gaseous Clay

The Nebulum is a coloured version that doesn't have any sort of texture on it, while the Quantium version doesn't really have any colour on it, but it has a wild texture. If you didn't like the radical wooden body on the M+, I think the Nebulum is going to be right up your alley with its nice, smooth, beautiful simple body on it. However, the colour on this one is where it gets really interesting. The base of the device has this beautiful purple color but then imbued throughout, you're going to find tones of violet and blue and the device really plays in the light. It has that sort of a gas puddle effect as you move it around; In certain areas that used to look purple will now look completely blue and vice versa.

The colour treatment covers the entire device, not just the body but even the whole tip gets that same colour treatment. One thing to keep in mind is that this is just a straight stainless-steel cap. For us, that's a bit of an odd choice. We think that if they went with a coloured cap, it would have a completely homogeneous look like what they have been doing on the coloured M in the past, but I imagine they probably just couldn't quite match the same shade. We’re sure they had their reasons why they use this cap, but either way, it is an absolutely beautiful device, and it looks nice indoors, but it looks even nicer when you get it in an outdoor natural lighting setting.

The Quantium aka The Silver Pickle

The new Quantium model has a completely different finish than the M+. While it has some texture, it doesn't have the same texture on the M+ whatsoever; this is smooth until it gets to the texture on it. There's no kind of work done to this body aside from this beautiful texture they put, and the texture is intricate. If you get one of this variety, you really have to put this up to a macro lens. I don't know exactly what they do to get this surface treatment on there, but it just is stunning in person. Again, with the Quantium you're getting that finish on the entire device; it's going to be on the tip as well as the body to give you that nice, homogeneous look.

Another nice thing about the Quantium is that it has that same standard stainless-steel cap, but the aesthetic doesn't stick out like a sore thumb on this one like to me; it doesn't look too odd or too out of place because you're getting silver on silver rather than silver on purple. It's tough for us to decide which one we like the best, but if we had to choose, we have to go with the Quantium because we just love that texture, they put on it. If they put the same texture on the Nebulum, it would be our favorite for sure, but it's a tough call and we’re going to have to go with team Quantium on this one in terms of the features and the benefits on these. It is going to be pretty much the exact same experience that you're getting with the M+, keeping in mind though that this is made from titanium rather than stainless steel, so you are going to get some different heating characteristics with titanium versus stainless steel.

A Great New Titanium Tip on an M

Looking at the tip, you’ll see it is designed so you can stick the crown into a nugget of flower, give it a twist and then load it as you would; you don't necessarily have to put your material in a grinder. This can function as your grinder, essentially, if you don't want to bring any more equipment with you. This device also has the Adjust-A-Bowl feature so you can move that CCD up, so you get the half bowl position. We like the half bowl position; you can get a massive hit using it and you use a lot less material. Plus, the tip of the titanium of the M plus is 15% larger than their standard tip, that's a substantial increase and is going to be helpful for anyone looking for a larger load.

While it’s kind of hard to capture on camera, there’s even some engraving inside the bowl that says DynaVap; definitely check it out before you start putting material in there, it's really interesting what they're able to do. DynaVap calls this a finless tip meaning it has no fins on it; that's designed to make it heat up faster but also to give you a larger overall hit. If you're looking for the biggest hit possible on this device, go ahead and heat it directly on the divots of the tip rather than on the cap itself and that's going to add the most heat possible into that tip to give you the biggest single hit extraction sort of rip.

On the tip, it now uses two O-rings, and this makes it a lot easier than their old five O-ring system. It's much easier to change old O-rings when it's time and when you do have to change them out, it's only two to change out so it's cheaper and it's faster. Moving down from the tip you're going to go through that titanium condenser, and it’s so much better than the previous stainless-steel one, and you’ll see that big beautiful SquarePort. As squares are hard to make in a device like this, and it's also a nice big hole as well, that's going to let in a lot of fresh air and that adds up to one fancy design. Keep in mind, by no means do you have to use the SquarePort in any way, you can simply inhale like normal and it's going to work completely fine. The SquarePort is optional and is for those that want to get that biggest thickest rip you possibly can. Directly opposite of the SquarePort, you’ll find the Power Pyramid. This is by far the best rocker DynaVap has used because there's no way you can handle this and not have your fingers just naturally gravitate to that proper position.

Built to Use With Water

Finally, the mouthpiece naturally fits into a 10mm joint. We are really glad that they designed it like this so you can use this device with water if you want, because with that 15% larger bowl and the single hit extraction capabilities, you're going to want to go that route. We would definitely recommend going through a water piece because the vapour is going to be thick, warm, and plentiful and running it through something like a water piece makes a world of difference in terms of cooling it down and reducing that harshness.

So, there you go, that's the new DynaVap titanium M or the Titaniu”M”, a cool advancement in their lineup. It is really interesting to see them use titanium in the M lineup; it still remains an affordable choice especially for something made out of titanium and I think with these two new finishes as well as the titanium they've add some really cool looks and some depth to the M lineup. We really want to see them apply some of this design language to other titanium parts.

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