DynaVap M Plus Review & Demo Video The new DynaVap M Plus brings a Finless Tip and single heating cycle, full extraction performance to the popular M.


Can you believe that it’s been six years since DynaVap revolutionized the vaporizer industry with the original DynaVap M? Just an absolute game changer, the M brought desktop comparable power and ultra-modularity to portable vaporizers and is the same durable, all-metal device we know and love today. With all of the changes and innovations we’ve seen along the way, you’d barely recognize the somewhat crude initial offering.

As with most evolutions, after a certain point, innovation cools down and the changes being made are solely for the sake of making change, rather than being able to make tangible improvements. But the plain has been broken, the ceiling shattered and the team at DynaVap are stoked to bring you the redesigned from the ground up DynaVap M Plus. Although the device has the instantly recognizable DNA that defines the M, it is an absolutely radical design change from the ground up.

The new precision positioned Pyramid Pivot Point (try saying that three times fast) makes the newly shaped Square Airport (Squareport) easy to locate. The redesign of the Airport gives the user more control over the air being added to your vapour, so it’s functional and not just aesthetic. The redesigned Finless Tip will lead to faster heat up times and furthermore, it will facilitate your ability to empty the chamber and do a full extraction in a single heating cycle! On top of that, the device has an overall better feel in your hand, with a more tactile and textured grip to make it easy to hold and look cool while doing it.

Excited? I am! I have the luxury of having one of these in hand and I’d love for y’all to join me for this first exclusive look at the M Plus where I showcase and discuss all the new features in detail. I’ll even find time to give it a run and demonstrate this bad boy in action. Cheers!

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