DynaVap B Quick Review A high performance, ultra efficient portable with an entry level price.


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Be excited, Bโ€”E excited, DynaVap has created another amazing product and weโ€™re proud to showcase the DynaVap B! This new, entry level vaporizer is super affordable and has unbelievable value.

The DynaVap B has been designed to hit harder off of the first hit, providing high-level performance for that entry level price. We love to use it dry with the airport wide open for exceptional execution and ease of use.

The B features a silicon body that can handle exceptionally high heats โ€“ way higher than weโ€™d ever approach โ€“ and allows for easy cleaning while showcasing a pentagon shaped, anti-roll design. One of our favourite features of the B is that DynaVap has gotten the build down to five parts in total: no more o-rings!

Designed to work dry or with 10mm accessories, the B has the ever-popular half-bowl capacity that provides better flavour and performance.  The efficiency is off the charts; youโ€™ll be able to recoup your money in no time from what you end up saving on flower.

The DynaVap B is a perfect entry to the DynaVerse, the performance enhancements make it a must buy, even for the most hardcore collector.

Dynavap B Portable Vaporizer

Dynavap B Portable Vaporizer
$62.97 CAD
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