DynaVap Armored Cap - Q&A w/George The new DynaVap Armored Cap is an exciting upgrade for every DynaVap owner.


➡️ Join me for this insightful interview with George from DynaVap where we discuss the new Armored Cap in detail! George covers all of the topics you want to know about the Armored Cap like ‘does it work in an induction heater?’ and ‘does this offer single hit extraction?’ as well as much, much more! 

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Essential DynaVap Upgrade

Introducing The Armored Cap: the ultimate upgrade for every DynaVap owner. The Armored Cap design features their innovative Captive Cap encased in thicker a stainless steel shell, designed to ensure you're getting maximum extraction power while also keeping your material at temperature for longer, to extend your session with less additional heating cycles. Also - the new Armored Cap means that spinning your cap while heating it is now optional! You can spin the Cap while heating it if you would like, but it is now a choice rather than a requirement.

More Thermal Mass = More Vapour

Classic Cap geometry and unique branding features ensure that this Cap maintains its signature look, classic digger outer included. The stainless steel body has been given a matte-grey finish for long-term wearability - though it will acquire an attractive patina with use. You'll also enjoy enhanced, thicker extractions courtesy of the additional thermal mass, to allow for more thorough extractions and thicker vapour whether you're at home or out on an adventure.

No Spinning & Machined Heating References

The DynaVap Armored Cap is a must-have for any DynaVap dry herb vaporizer fan. Not only does it feature an enlarged design with more oomph, but it has a smaller logo that can be used as an aiming point while heating it - allowing for a more repeatable and consistent experience with no added effort. And don't worry about storage; this cap fits perfectly into every DynaStash!

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