Best Expensive Vaporizers - Top 5 Vapes Sometimes you really get what you pay for! When you're looking for the best and price isn't a concern, here's 5 great vaporizers to choose!


That’s Our Motto, Vapers, YOLO

People ask us a lot of stuff, from “Pete, how do you keep your mustache so neat?” to “can you fill a Volcano bag so full that it would lift up a house like on that movie?”  Well, the answer to the first one is a small mustache comb, and the second one… well maybe but we wouldn’t let an old man with cataracts pilot it. A fun one we would like to tackle, though, is the essential YOLO question: If money wasn’t an issue, which five vaporizers would you start with to build your arsenal? Now we’re talking, let’s get into it.

There’s no Replacement for the Proxy

The first device we’d grab is based mostly because it’s one of our favourite daily drivers, and the top portable dab rig available. Of course, we’re talking about the Puffco Proxy. Puffco expresses that the Proxy is a modular device, as it contains an amazing 3D Chamber coupled with a removable Base that can be placed in appropriate sized glass pieces. The 3rd party parts available for the Proxy will blow your mind. Essentially made from two parts, the Proxy consists of the glass, and the precision heated Chamber that connects to the detachable base featuring pre-set temps. There is really very little argument, if you want an aesthetically pleasing, high-performing portable dab rig, the Puffco Proxy is the best option available.

Session Power From Storz & Bickel

Next, you’ll have to add the VENTY from Storz & Bickel to your collection if you even consider complementing your assortment with a session vaporizer. Like other S&B portables, the VENTY is an extraordinarily powerful and dependable device that will take everything you throw at it for years. The VENTY gets to temp in only 20 seconds, while their Mighty+ takes a lot longer to heat up. The VENTY has the best airflow performance we’ve seen on a portable dry herb device, achieving up to 20L per minute. With an industry first, S&B included a flowmeter in the VENTY that senses how emphatically you’re hitting it and dynamically adjusts the heater in real time to compensate. Essentially, you’re getting the same draw at the desired temperature regardless of how you have your airflow set. YOLO indeed, a must own.

Tiny But Powerful

You’ll definitely want to have an on-demand vaporizer available to you as well as a session vape, and the one we recommend the most often is the Tinymight 2. Made with care in Europe, the Tinymight 2 provides desktop levels of power in a device that’s so portable, it’s begging you to take it with you, wherever you go. The Tinymight 2 offers full convection, high quality vapour that’s milky and blows out of the business end with a veracity that could have some real impact if you’re taking more than one or two hits. 

WoodWynd Gets It Right

Discretion is important when you’re out and about with the ubiquitous DynaVap’s crown jewel, the WoodWynd is a high-end version of the stem and cap that you already know and love. We really value the amount of sheer skill it takes to work with wood at an intro level, and needless to say, we were blown away by the engineering, sophistication, and gorgeous aesthetic in the incredibly well-designed new WoodWynd from DynaVap, their first new wooden vape since the VonG. Looking good is great but is definitely secondary to performance and the WoodWynd impresses there as well, with improvements and upgrades across the board including a 10mm mouthpiece that makes it easy to add water to the WoodWynd and calm down that impressive vapour production’s heat.

Turn it Up to Eleven

Finally, for those days when you just can’t take it anymore, you need a true face melter. The Anvil ThermoCore from Vestratto is engineered with some of the most progressive ways to create, store and utilize thermal heat, also known as getting lit up. Its CopperCore oven ensures a completely even heat distribution that results in an astonishingly comprehensive vaporization. The Anvil doesn’t need to be spun or rotated and the ThermoCore build brings incredible heat retention and durability to the build. The performance is so predictable that you can heat the Anvil right to the point where combustion is imminent. This gives you the most efficient vaporization around, and you can repeat that experience effortlessly every time. You’re truly getting a dab-like extraction from your flower.

If money wasn’t a thing, truly, we wouldn’t stop at five and just keep naming our favourite devices, but if we’re stopping at five, the ones discussed here are excellent choices across the board. Bang for your buck doesn’t have to mean cheap, and with these five devices, you get every dollar out of it that you put into it.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky; we'll see you next time.

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