Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer Review

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The Arizer Solo has been hailed as the King of Portable Vaporizers.  It has a reputation for being rock solid and long lasting.  It comes with multiple stems to choose from, and features great conduction vapour.  The battery life is great for a portable, and it offer multiple temperature options.  Arizer makes from portable vaporizers, is this one you should get?  Join me as I answer these questions and many more!


0:18 Components Of Kit

3:50 Stems

5:59 How To Pack A Bowl

7:27 Heat Settings

12:16 Beep Function

12:51 Accessories

14:04 Flexibility

14:55 Cleaning The Unit


16:48 Battery Life

18:38 Heat Up Time

20:09 Quality Of Vapour

22:19 Durability

24:07 Efficiency

26:20 Stealth Factor/Size

31:50 Final Thoughts

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