VENTY Vaporizer Demo Video Here's a demonstration of the powerful but super smooth VENTY from Storz & Bickel, check out what this vaporizer can do.


The VENTY Provides Plenty

Hey everyone, we want to take this opportunity to talk about this brand-new device, the VENTY from Storz & Bickel. The VENTY is a taller device than most portables; when you first see it, it looks kind of impossibly tall. Once we get it in hand, though it doesn't feel as tall as it looks. One thing that we really liked is that it's square on the bottom, so it actually stands up stably unlike how the MIGHTY+ sort of stands up, but you can’t trust it to stay up. This is an underrated improvement as it does make it significantly easier to load, something you’ll do again and again.

The VENTY offers single degree temperature control and it’s got a nice LED screen that displays in multiple colours on it as well. The device is armed with an up and down button, and the buttons are quite firm; I imagine they're going to break in a little bit better over time. All of the materials used to produce the VENTY are food safe, heat resistant and non-heat conductive to match the high performance of the device, as well as optimizing the user experience. The VENTY has specific certifications as well for the batteries and internals as well, which is appreciated. These devices have been tested and they've been approved for certification, so you know it's going to be safe having two sizeable 18650 batteries as a power supply, and that is integral to provide the impressive power this device is capable of using. It also has a vibration motor that activates when you reach temperature and that’s always handy.

Incredibly Intuitive Air Flow

The first major feature you’ll notice is the adjustable airflow that is controlled via a rotary dial. You can adjust from wide-open air flow to mostly closed off, but as this is a rotary dial, you can just you can precisely move it to whatever position you want, and they give you a couple pre-set experiences if you’d prefer. For reference’s sake, pre-set “one” feels very close to my MIGHTY when I put them side by side. When you increase the airflow to “three”, it is completely wide open, and a flowmeter measures the negative pressure of your draw and then compensates by increasing power to the heater. The heater in the VENTY is substantially stronger than they are even the MIGHTY+, so even when you’re taking advantage of wide-open air flow and you're hitting it hard, this heater is super powerful that it's going to compensate for it, never leaving you wanting. Even when you’re going with wide-open air flow, and going really hard, you're still blowing out a very similar hit as compared to when you close the air off. Usually, you'd think that when you close it off, the clouds would be much denser as compared to way airier, but those aren’t the results we saw and that's a huge part of what's so interesting about this device.

Top of the Line Heating and Cooling

The VENTY has two levels in the cooling unit to further elongate the vapour path providing additional cooling. The path is also double walled like a Thermos, so it really doesn't get hot, even during a session. We did notice that the mouthpiece is going to get some warmth, but really only if you’re taking back-to-back-to-back hits in a row; it really won’t be an issue for most people. There's also an additional screen in the cooling unit to help further filter the vapour before it gets to the user. VENTY means 20 and that's because you're getting a 20 second heat up with the VENTY here. We did two tests from cold, one up to 365° and the other one up to 400° and at 365°, it took just under 18 seconds to reach temp and for 400° it was around 21.5, so 20 seconds does seem like a very accurate heat up time, pretty quick for a session device. It's really super quick compared to the MIGHTY+ or something similar that are around 60 seconds to reach temp. If you're going to hit it directly at 20 seconds when it vibrates, it's more of a flavour centred hit; that herb still has to warm up a little bit to activate the effects, but on your second hit, you'll start to spit out some pretty decent vapour. Consequently, you could just wait 10 seconds after it vibrates to hit it to get solid vapour with your first hit.

According to Storz & Bickel, the MIGHTY heater can output a maximum of 40 watts at 16 amps, but the VENTY heater can reach 130 watts at 16 amps so it's a three times more powerful heater, roughly. Utilizing the aforementioned flowmeter, the VENTY can kick that heater in gear so efficiently to compensate for the wide-open air flow and how hard you're drawing, that's why the hits are so impressive as well as being nice and cool, fully taking advantage of the cooling unit as well. The VENTY has Bluetooth as well and it's totally optional. They have a web app that we haven't had the chance to try yet, we actually don't know if they have it operational, but potentially the user can use the app to adjust granularly what your Boost temperatures are going to be, what your brightness is going to be, all that sorts of things, but it’s not essential and you can actually even adjust a decent amount of options on the device itself. You can even just turn the Bluetooth off completely, but it's nice that they have Bluetooth that provides the opportunity for over the air software updates as well.

Impressive Power Supply

We wish that they gave you a dosing capsule, but you do get some extra O-rings, and screens and that is nice because you won't have to buy them when you want to do an extensive cleaning or something like that. The device measures 2.17” wide and 6.18” tall, 1.46” deep and weighs .56 lb while reaching temperatures between 104 Fahrenheit to 410 Fahrenheit. They refer to the newly designed engine as the heating and it offers both convection and conduction heat. The VENTY seems to be heavier in the convection aspect than the conduction as compared to the MIGHTY+; we don't think they have them set exactly the same. The VENTY has two 18650 batteries like the MIGHTY+, and though we haven't tested it enough to really comment on the battery life, so far so good. The batteries aren't removable and for some people, that’s the cardinal sin; if that's something that you absolutely need in your device, this may not for be you. There’s a very good chance you'll never see a device with removable batteries from Storz and Bickel; you can't get them medically certified if you have removable batteries, so it's probably not something they're going to put in their design ethos at any point. Keep in mind, though, with the MIGHTY+, you can send the device back to S&B and they'll do a battery swap for you, and I don't even think it's that expensive. The USB-C charging port is right on the bottom of the device, and it is supercharger capable. The specs say that if the charger is 15 volts in 3 amps, they consider that a supercharger and if you have a charger like that, you can get an 80% charge in 40 minutes.

Mightier than the MIGHTY+

The VENTY is only $50 more than the MIGHTY+, with all things considered, that’s not an insane price, but we would be shocked if the VENTY didn't take the $399 price point that the MIGHTY+ has and ideally the MIGHTY+ gets a little bit cheaper. We don't think the VENTY is that comparable to the CRAFTY+, usually people that end up with a CRAFTY+ are looking for a pocket-sized device with really good vapour, and the VENTY isn’t pocket-sized, featuring a mouthpiece larger than the MIGHTY+.

We’ve tested the VENTY in a number of fashions and in each, we were impressed with the performance. From using a lower temperature with the Super Booster, to increasing the temperature and restricting the airflow, the effects were always plentiful and the flavours incredible. In our experiences, the ABV was kind of a light brown after we were done our sessions, so some usable product left. We really want to see an adapter to make it easier to use the VENTY with a water pipe as well.

First impressions, the VENTY is awesome and we’re really looking forward to getting to know it a little bit better. Thanks a lot for taking the time to check out this super early review, we really appreciate it, and we will see you next time.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky; we'll see you next time.

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