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Question and Answer

What sort of grind should I use in my vape?

    With most vapes you can use any sort of grind, often you can even just throw a small chunk of bud in there whole and it’ll vape like that.  It won’t vape as well, but it’ll have more flavour.  The point is that there isn’t really a right answer for this.  In general, I use a medium-fine grind.  If it’s too fine, it will clog up your screens much faster.  If it’s too coarse, a lot of surface area isn’t exposed so you could miss out on some of your cannabis.  If you’re not getting as much vapour as you’d like from your device, try grinding it up finer.  Also, make sure it’s dry.  This will help big time.

What is the best 2-in-1 vape?

    I get this question a lot.  As more people switch to vaping, many think a 2-in-1 is the way to go, and I understand why you’d think that.  It seems like the most convenient and cost-effective solution.  Generally, I feel you are much better off getting a device that’s dedicated to each kind of material.  Flower and concentrate behave very differently and they each have their own unique requirements for optimal use.  I think the classic toaster fridge is a good example – sure you could make one but is it really the best approach to keeping your food cold and toasting bread?  Most think it best to have a fridge and a toaster – separately.  I recommend getting a good dry herb vape and a dedicated concentrate setup, you’ll be really glad you did.  If your heart is set on one, the Ditanium, Elev8r, and the VapeXhale would be my top three recommendations.

Which vape makes the least smell?

    I’ve been getting this one a lot lately also.  In general, that first massive exhale cloud of vapour will have the same amount of odour regardless of the vape.  It’s the cannabis you’re smelling, especially with that first hit.  None of them will leave you blowing out clouds that are totally neutral smelling.  As far as the individual pieces go, the Pax really stands out as a known stinker.  It’s a good vape but it doesn’t contain its odour at all.  If you keep your piece clean and unloaded, most of them don’t give off much smell at all.  Definitely not as much as a joint roach.

Currently Vaping

The Grasshopper – Update

    It’s still going strong and making me more confident with time.  I still don’t trust it enough to be my only vape on a trip, but I mean who would ever bring just one single vape anywhere… way too risky! 🤣  It feels like a more solid build and has been working great.  My battery has started to degrade a bit with use, and their website is out of additional batteries currently.  I’m going to keep rocking this one hard and review it later this year.

The G Pen Connect

     This is a direct-to-rig electronic concentrate device.  It’s made for 10, 14, or 18mm female water pieces and it feels much higher quality than I expected.  G Pen doesn’t have the best reputation, but this is a totally new device, so I wanted to be sure to still bring you coverage on it.  The design is cool, the water pipe adapter and battery/controller attach magnetically, and on the other side, there’s a shotgun button to clear your rig.  It’s a cool feature, I’d love to see more pieces utilize shotguns this way.  Up top, it has a magnetic carb cap to keep everything together.  The atomizer is a ceramic dish in the middle rather than a bucket.  That’s unfortunate, I’d prefer a complete bucket, it’d be a totally different vape.

    Depending on the type of cannabis extracts you’re using, it can be tough to get the material directly on the centre dish.  With a full bucket (like in the Carta or Peak) you can use the walls to get your dabs into the device.  It’s much easier to keep a bucket clean compared to a dish with no walls like this design.  As you can’t just swap out buckets, reclaim is going to build up and impact flavour.  This piece won’t be the easiest to maintain.  I like the sleek looks and innovation of the G Pen Connect, but the atomizer just isn’t up to today’s standards and the flavour is a real issue for me.

🎷The Jazz Stem🎵

    This sexy little instrument is a two-handed glass stem for DynaVap with a beaded centre cooling section and two, not one but TWO carbs!  I took a few Volcano balloons to the dome and became inspired.  The length and beads of the Jazz Stem cool the vapour down a lot, and the two carb holes give you the ability to carb before and/or after the beads.  They do get gummed up over time, but it’s all glass so it’s easy to clean back to new.

The Zam Grinder

    This grinder is taller than most but it's only about one inch wide.  It is a bit different, but I’m always a fan of new grinder designs.  The top unscrews and has a Teflon-lined herb storage container.  They also have a Teflon debowler option.  The next section pops open and you see the grinder teeth.  There is no magnet in the centre, instead, there is a magnetic ring around the edge.  Unscrewing the bottom teeth section opens a larger storage section to hold your ground cannabis with a screen to separate out the kief below that.  I see this being a great travel grinder for road trips, but it’s too small to be my daily driver at home.


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