Tronian Omegatron Vapour Cup - Demo Video A Vapour Cup is a new and interesting way to consume, perfect for beginners and group sessions.


Tronian Omegatron Vapour Cup - Demo Session

Introducing the Tronian Omegatron, a new contender in the Vapour Cup arena, promising a new experience of rich and flavourful vapor. Its sleek and minimalist design sets it apart by simplifying the user interface, eschewing complex touch buttons for a straightforward operation.

The heating chamber, featuring a specialized Glass Core, meticulously transforms solid wax into vapour through tiny holes or apertures, ensuring consistent and delightful vapour production. Compatible with 510 threads, the Omegatron offers hassle-free maintenance and effortless transitions between different solid concentrates. For those inclined towards customization, the cup accommodates additions like citrus peels or herbs, allowing users to tailor their flavour preferences.

With its impressive features, the Omegatron guarantees a superior vaporizing experience that combines ease of use with nice vapour quality and a one of a kind experience.

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