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    The M is a very important vaporizer for DynaVap.  We hear more about the M helping smokers quit than any other vape, due to both the familiar heating experience and the thick, rich vapour that this brand is known for making.  The M is extremely popular, so expectations are usually high when DynaVap releases a new model.  They have made several improvements this time such as better airflow and a more findable carb hole along with some other nice touches to the newest version of DynaVap’s wildly successful M vaporizer.

    The Cap of the new M has a sharp looking updated 3D logo with depth to it.  Removing the Cap shows the first real functional upgrades.  Instead of dual wrap-around air channels, the ’19 M has serpentine style switch-back air channels, the idea being better air flow and heat up.  They succeeded on both points and the draw is for sure easier on this year’s M.  DynaVap also cut notches into the air channels at the end of the tip, like the titanium tips, making that improved draw even more enjoyable.  The stainless CCD is the same and there is still only one screen position inside the tip.  The new tip is also the same diameter so you can still use the same replacement CCDs.  The fins appear to be the exact same or very similar to the last version.

    Moving down to the body of the 2019 M there are more design changes.  It has an awesome 3D texture which I’ve heard described as a “stoner fishing lure” effect.  It is an intricate looking pattern and really plays in the light.  Just above the textured area at the end of the body, there are ridges that I like to call the warning track.  If you feel these ridges you know you’re getting close to touching the tip and potentially getting burned.  It’s a very smart addition instead of just having the 3D pattern go all the way to the end.

    Farther down the body of the ’19 M is the now unmissable carb hole.  They’ve made a huge cutout notch around the hole itself so you really can’t miss it.  DynaVap definitely listened to their customer’s feedback here.  It is almost comically noticeable.  They should do this across the entire lineup.

    On the opposite side, there are two teardrop cutouts positioned next to each other so there is a raised peak between the two.  This “rocker” is dual-purpose in both clearly indicating the exact opposite point on the body from the air hole, and then mechanically enabling you to easily roll your M tightly between your fingertips controlling that airflow without losing a firm grip on your piece.  This was another well thought out addition for the new model.  You’ll notice towards the end has a longer mouthpiece that’s more gradually tapered than the older edition.  However, the condenser and body are all the same length so they still fit Dynastashes and Silos.  

    DynaVap has absolutely improved the design and function for the 2019 M.  Are the improvements enough to make it a “must buy” for current M owners?  That really depends on you.  If the M is your daily driver then I think you will appreciate the upgrades.  If you don’t currently own an M, absolutely go for the new one.  And again, if you’re looking to quit smoking, this is the vape we have the most positive feedback on with that respect and it may be the piece you’re looking for to kick that bad habit for good.

The 2019 DynaVap M can be yours for $70 on sneakypetestore.com and vapenorth.ca.



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