Puffco Plus Review

Vaporizer type: Vape Pen

Heating type: Ceramic Chamber - Coil-less 

Materials: Concentrate

Best features: Remarkable flavour, incredibly smooth, cool design, innovative Dart, very strong effects, super efficient and easy to clean

Worst features: Can get warm, doesn’t produce as large of clouds, less battery life than Puffco Pro

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Overview: Puffco’s tagline for the Puffco Pro was ‘the new standard’.  They really did produce a remarkable vape pen.  It was arguably the best single coil vape pen on the market, and it did serve to set a standard to measure other pens by.  But it wasn’t perfect, the coil provides more of a ‘burn’ than a ‘vaporizer’ heating for your wax, and you could have wax get stuck under the coil or to the sides of the chamber which wasn’t optimal, as it got sort of funky and you never got to utilize that material.  The Puffco Plus fixes all of these issues and so many more.  The all-ceramic chamber is one of the kind, as it’s a ‘one-piece’ construction rather than having a plate or donut heat the chamber.  The entire bottom of the chamber heats up, and the Dart helps the heated air achieve a sort of turbulence, resulting in a very even and cool draw.  There are no exposed metal wires in the chamber, meaning your material is only coming in contact with ceramic and air.  Since the entire bottom of the chamber heats up, your material has no choice but to melt down onto the heating area, meaning nothing is wasted!  They really have sought to create a better vape pen experience, but it’s not without it’s drawbacks.  Cloud chasers be forewarned, you will not see the visible exhale like you will with a coil based pen, it’s just a reality.  That being said, you CANNOT EVER judge the effects of a device with the visible exhale.  Take the Magic Flight Launch Box for example, you often get very wispy ‘ghost hits’ but you will get vert, very medicated from these ghost hits.  The same concept is at work here, when first getting to know the device I would often take 2 or 3 hits when 1 would have totally sufficed, of course figuring this out 5 minutes later when I’m halfway on the floor 😂 The chamber can also leak a bit of material down the air holes into the segment where it screws onto the battery.  This is caused by the way you use it however, namely from overfilling or a lack of cleaning.  Keep it clean out there people.


How to use: As mentioned above, the Dart serves a couple of purposes - helping to create a heated vortex to fully vaporize your material, minimizing oil splashback, and it also acts as a convenient ceramic dabber to load the chamber.  Do not overload the chamber, if you do it won’t heat as efficiently, and you can get leakage through the chamber.  I like to place a large dab size amount at a time, and I add more as necessary.  Of course a large dab to some people is 1g, but to me that’s a suicide mission 😳 After you’ve loaded the material, you screw the mouthpiece on and get ready to hit it - you know, mentally prepare, whatever you like to do!  To turn the pen on/off, press the main button 5 times.  The change temperatures, click the button 4 times (green is low, blue is medium, white is high).  One really cool thing about this pen is a new way to use it, and it’s called Sesh Mode.  You can still use the pen in the traditional way, by holding down the button, and that will give you an 8 second hit before the power will turn off.  If you double click the button to enter Sesh Mode, you don’t have to hold down the button, it just stays on for a 12 second hit and then turns off.  A 12 second hit can be pretty intense, especially if the chamber has been used recently so it’s a little warmer than usual.  Sometimes it’s like riding a bull, just hold on!  I like to give the material 2-3 seconds to reach temperature before I hit it, and that’s what I’d recommend you do as well.  When your hit is over, exhale the delicious, smooth vapour and enjoy your strain as it was meant to be.  I find I like to load the chamber to get 2-5 hits before I reload.


Cleaning: The all ceramic chamber really makes cleaning a breeze.  Also, you’re able to get it close to brand new clean which is a huge plus for me.  After you’ve had a few hits and are ready to load more material, use one of the provided Q-Tips (not a regular one, these ones don’t shed any lint) to swab out the bowl.  You can also scrape the material off of your Dart, that is some sweet, sweet honey to collect.  The mouthpiece can be shaken in some isopropyl alcohol and it will come brand new clean easy.  If you do get some melted material leaking onto your battery area, just swab the area with a ISO soaked Q-Tip and allow to dry completely before using.  Use the ISO sparingly and use 99%, don’t damage your battery.


Now they probably don’t recommend this BUT - I’ve cleaned my chambers in 99% ISO at least a half dozen times with no ill effect whatsoever.  Give them a quick soak/shake, rinse them off REALLY good, then blow hard into each end to get out the majority of the water, then dry them in front of a fan.  Good as new.  But don’t do that, you didn’t hear it from me.



Battery Life: Battery life definitely isn’t as good as the Pro.  I find I get around 30 hits per battery, which for me is still plenty, but not as good as the ~50 with the Pro.  The way I look at it, can it last me a full day/night out and about?  Yes absolutely, when I say 30 hits I’m talking Sesh Mode (which is a longer hit) on blue or white.  I like green too, but I like those a bit more.  It takes more juice to heat the chamber as compared to the coil, so this is an understandable compromise.  Totally good enough for me, but be aware if battery life is paramount to you.


Quality of vapour (taste, size of toke, harshness): This is the most important category to me for any device.  I have a lot of vaporizers, if the unit doesn’t get top notch marks in this I won’t use it much after testing.  The Puffco Plus has the best vapour I’ve ever gotten from a vape pen, hands down no contest.  The taste is purer than anything else I’ve used, I would say it is maybe even better than my Hive Ceramic Nail on my dab rig!  It’s on par with the best dab rig you’ve used, that’s for sure, and that’s a lot for a vape pen.  After using the ceramic chamber I can’t see me going back to coil based pens, but again I’m not chasing those clouds, I’m more concerned with the overall experience.  Speaking on that, the size of toke is large, but the exhale will not reflect it like you’re used to.  BUT - give it a minute before you do another hit.  I’ve got knocked on my ass many times by doing 2 Sesh Mode hits on white, because I was used to blowing out the larger visible hits.  I’m certainly not trying to get the point across that this thing doesn’t hit as hard, it does, 100% - you just won’t see the thickness of your clouds from the Pro.  The harshness is virtually undetectable, my throat gets soar after testing vape pens for some time, but not at all with this.  I was amazed how smooth it was, even with the large hits that got me ripped I seldom coughed.  This is a massive improvement over the Pro, which was still good, but trust me use this once and you’ll see what I mean.


Efficiency: Top marks for efficiency.  Your material has nowhere to go but down as it melts, and the entire bottom of the chamber heats up.  It can be tough to see from photos, but there is no ‘disk’ or ‘donut’ at the bottom, the whole thing gets hot.  Your material will bubble, vaporizer, and melt down into the bottom, so you get almost all of your material vaporized.  I hated how material would get stuck under the Pro’s coil, because it got funky as it heated and cooled, heated and cooled.  That doesn’t happen with this, and that’s a great thing.


Stealth Factor: The Puffco Plus has the same finish as the Puffco Pro, a shiny silver UV coated metallic to be exact.  The button is now a soft plastic and recessed into the device more, but it still lights up top and bottom, so not as stealthy as if only the top button lit up.  The included chamber has a silicone lined lid, so you can load another chamber to go and keep it smell proof which is a nice option.  Overall it’s a vape pen, it’s about as stealthy as it gets.


Strength of effects: The Puffco Plus slays in this department.  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again - full spectrum heating is the way to go.  When you’re already inhaling and the device is going through a range of temperatures, you’re inhaling your material from when it’s just beginning to vaporizer all the way till it’s vaping hard.  Plain and simple, this just seems to mess you right up.  Again look at the MFLB, many many people say it’s one of the hardest hitting portable vapes in terms of strength, and it operates much on the same principle.  The Plus has knocked me on m ass many times, while the Pro is a little more even keeled, still strong but not as strong.  I feel this one big time.


Price: Right now this is priced at $99.99US, and that includes an extra chamber with a silicone lined lid.  I think that’s a fair price, especially considering that it comes with that extra chamber already.  


Love about it: Feels like a vape pen 2.0, top marks for vapour taste and quality, sharp and modern design, highlight efficient, coil-less design is a stark improvement on anything (I’ve seen) already existing in this category.


Not a fan of: Less hits per battery charge, oil can leak through chamber if loaded incorrectly, Dart can get sticky gooey shatter stuck to it getting sticky gooey shatter all over your hands 


Final thoughts: It took Puffco some time to release the Plus after the success of their Pro, and I’m glad to see they’ve taken their time to really offer something new.  This isn’t a rehashed Pro, this is something brand new designed from the ground up.  The style grabs your eye right away, it certainly has a modern look to it.  The performance is killer - it’s efficient, easy to clean, has some of the tastiest and smoothest vapour (especially from a pen!), and it’ll knock you on your ass if you give it a chance to.  You won’t spit out the thick dense clouds you will with a coil based pen, but who cares?  It’s a 100% visual difference, trust me this hits me way harder than the Pro ever did.  All in all I can safely say I’m retiring all of my current coil based pens, I think this is a better technology and it certainly feels healthier as you’re using a heating element made of 100% ceramic and the oil heats up in an entirely different manner.  The fact that it’s super smooth supports that, but perhaps it’s just wishful thinking.  Either way, this is the one to beat right now, I can’t wait to see how the vape pen game keeps moving in this direction!

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    the puffco plus cost me $117 + tax. the battery is already deffectice and would cost $ 74.95 +tax to replace.Now wheres the sense in that.I feel ripped off.

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