How To Use The Venty App With iPhone In this video I'll show you how to use your Venty with the web app using your iPhone.


Storz & Bickel VENTY: There’s an App for That

While some devices have large screens and complex menus, others have a way more minimal design or just a simple interface without too many options. Some devices, usually higher end, give you the option of using Bluetooth to connect your phone to your vape which can give you all of the customization you want and more. A “second screen settings” option lets you use the device as is without using the app or you can get deep into the customization of your device as well as looking over your diagnostics, live.

Now, if you happen to have an Android device, these apps are available directly in the Google Play Store, but if you have an iPhone, Apple started banning any vaping related app back in late 2019 so you're out of luck, sort of. Luckily, there is a workaround that lets you use these apps directly with your iPhone and it's really easy to do, so we’re going to walk you through exactly how to do it in this blog.

Make Sure You’re Using a Compatible Browser

To start, you need a WebBLE enabled browser, the default Safari browser doesn't let you do that, but you can download either the Connect or the Bluefy browser. Both of these browsers are available on the App Store and they're both free. A WebBLE enabled browser lets you connect the website you're on with a Bluetooth device and this is how you interface your device with the browser to let you use the app.

Let’s Get it Started, in Heeeereeereee

We’re going to go ahead and set this up with the VENTY and in this example we're going to use the Bluefy browser on an iPhone 15 Pro Max running iOS 17.1, but you should have the same experience regardless of phone or operating system version, to a reasonable age. The first step is to launch the Bluefy browser, then it's going to be just a standard sort of a search window and we will search “Storz & Bickel web app”. The first result that comes up is the S&B web app, so that’s easy, and next you tap on that link to enter and then access the web app. To make your life easier, the next thing you want to do is save this address to a reading list, making it much easier to access next time. To do this, click in the bottom of the browser, tap “add to reading list”, and then once you click the little home icon you can see in your reading list, it's going to go directly into the web app.

The next step is to click “connect now” and in our example, you're seeing a Storz & Bickel device come up because we have multiple Storz & Bickel Bluetooth devices on hand, but we’re going to make sure the VENTY is turned on and then you’ll see a new device becomes visible, so go ahead and click on the one with the VENTY icon. As you can see, the VENTY is connected to the web app; it can tell our device is turned on, it can tell what temperature it's set at, you can change the temperature, the whole works.

Control your Temp and More

When you're in the web app, by default it sends you to the temperature screen; here you can adjust the temperature and it does it live. We did experience that sometimes there's a bit of a disconnect, like if have it set to 390 and it stops at 388 or if we go to 392 it stops at 390, so it seems like it's off by two or so, just something to be aware of. The app shows us our battery level; when we scroll down, it's showing us our boost temperature so we can change what temperature we want our boost to be, as well as our super boost that is based off whatever the base temperature you have the boost set to.

Increase your Battery Life

Next when we go to the settings, we can turn the vibration off or on, which is nice. There is a feature that lets you charge at optimized charging to reduce battery aging because it charges slower. So, if you want to reduce battery aging, turn that function on. If you don't really care about battery aging, turn optimization off. You can also set the charge volt limit to reduce battery aging by setting it to 90% give or take. This is a hard charge limit, so it's not going to charge it past 90% which results in your battery lasting longer. So, if you really want to worry about your battery life for the long term, turn both of those on.

Another statistic you’ll find under VENTY tab is our hours of operation: 21 minutes. This is our new replacement VENTY, hence the low numbers. It displays your serial number, what firmware version you're on and then there’s the firmware bootloader, and then you can also do an analysis of your device. Let's go ahead and click on “charge limit activated improves battery life but reduces capacity charge optimization activated: improves battery life but reduces charging speed”, then we can run an analysis and then you’re also given feedback about how you have your device set up.

On the final tab, if you click “information”, this takes you to a VENTY FAQ quick start page that has some information if you're having any issues with your device. One feature that's cool: it still indicates the battery life even after it turns off; we’re not sure how long you can access it after it is turned off, but in general when you're using this app, you're also going to be using your VENTY.

Easy to Use and Well Worth It

As you can see, it's a pretty straightforward process to connect and use the app the first time and then every subsequent time you want to use the app, it's only going to be easier. This app is definitely a good thing to check out at least once; it might be the only time you use it but at least now you know how to use your VENTY with the web app using an iPhone.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky; we'll see you next time.

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