Freight Train Q&A with Brian The Freight Train is a hard-hitting injector vaporizer, perfect for one-at-a-time rips through your favourite water piece.


Today we will be going over the newest injector-style Thermal Extraction Heater to hit the market, the Old Head Freight Train, featuring a thermal Flower Engine built with grade 2 titanium, and filled with 4mm ruby spheres to retain massive amounts of heat allowing you to do back-to-back cloud chasing hits.

We’ll talk to Brian about some of the amazing features and advantages with Injector style Thermal Extraction Heaters and why they are becoming more popular, with the obvious reasons including both their overall power and their cloud producing performance. We’ll also get into detail about the Freight Train, allowing Brian to speak to his inspiration behind making this beast, the previously mentioned, brand new Flower Engine’s make up and operation and know he will blow us away with news about the upcoming Fusion Engine.  

The Freight Train is a beast, offering pure convection, on demand vapour, in an indestructible package ready to deliver. When purchased, you get the full kit, with only the need to add your favourite 14mm female water piece. What else do you need? If we ask Brian nicely, he might make it!