Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer Review

Vaporizer type: Travel Portable

Heating type: Conduction/Convection

Materials: Dry Herb

Best features: Vapour quality, removable battery, price

Needs Improvement: On the larger side, stems can be difficult to get in 

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Overview: The Arizer Air picks up where the Arizer Solo left off.  This is more portable, has a user replaceable battery, and has shorter stems.  If you’ve ever used a Solo before and you liked it, this is will be something you like guaranteed.  It does a great job of carrying forward everything that was great about the Solo, while adding in new and highly beneficial characteristics.

How to use: To load the device with herb, simply scoop finely ground herb into the stem.  I usually leave my herb in a grinder, and then push the stem into it, packing LIGHTLY with my finger.  Do not overpack!  Although it can be tempting to get a little more in there for later, just bring an extra stem of herb instead, you will get a better experience.  If it’s your first time using the Air, I’d recommend heating the unit up to temperature before you place your filled stem in there.  It can have a very tight seal at first, and you might think you’re pushing too hard, but it really helps if you warm it up first (that’s what she said).  Once your stem is seated in there correctly, press the button firmly in the middle (so you engage both buttons) until you hear the beep letting you know it’s turned on.  If you don’t like the beep, you can hold the up button once it’s turned on, and that will turn the beep on or off.  When the unit is turned on, the top light will flash blue letting you know it’s in the idle state.  You can select one of 5 temperature settings, blue being the coolest and red being the hottest (my favourite is green).  When the unit is heating up, the bottom button will flash blue letting you know it’s being warmed up.  When the bottom light is solid, it’s heated up and ready to go.  Inhale through the stem, repeat as desired.  When you’re finished, hold both buttons to turn it off, remove the stem and empty it (this will be very hot at the bottom, be careful!).  Be sure to save your ABV in a container for later.

Cleaning: This is a very low maintenance device, perfect for someone who wants great performance without a lot of work.  To clean your stems, simply soak them in isopropyl alcohol, shaking the container occasionally.  Some people soak their stems is warm milk to dissolve the activated ingredients to consume later.  Either way, rinse them well and let air dry.  For the heating chamber, I like to tap mine out when it’s warm as this will really reduce buildup over time.  When the chamber is dry, I take a Q-Tip soaked in alcohol and clean the surfaces of the chamber, holding the device upside down so the alcohol can’t leak in.  Once it’s dry, do a burn off to get rid of any residual alcohol and get vaping!  

Battery Life: The battery power is supplied by a standard 18650, common in many devices.  Overall the battery life is quite impressive.  I tend to get 3-5 bowls per charge, with 1-2 sessions per bowl.  When the battery is dead, you can either charge it or just put in a fresh battery.  User replaceable batteries mean it’s always easy to get that ‘new vape’ feeling back as all batteries will wear out over time.

Heat up time: Definitely not a speed demon, it has average heat up time.  Depending on how recently it was last heated and the temperature you’re heating it to, heat up is between 65-90 seconds.  If you’re planning on having a stealth hit, turn it on when you’re on the way to your spot, and it’ll be ready when you get there.

Quality of vapour (taste, size of toke, harshness): The quality of vapour from the Air is impressive.  Does it rival the Crafty?  No.  Does it rival the Volcano?  No.  But it’s a LOT less expensive than either of those, and the vapour is still really good!  The taste is quite pure, but it can get a little crispy if you’re hitting it on the highest setting as it’s a conduction vaporizer.  You can get some large hits from it, the heater does a good job of keeping up to longer tokes.  Hits are average smoothness, right on par with the Solo.  

Efficiency: The efficiency is great on the Air, you’ll be amazed with how much vapour you can produce with a tiny amount of herb.  For best results grind fine (Magic Flight Finishing Grinder is your friend) and don’t pack too tight, but not too loose either.  If you’re hitting multiple sessions per bowl, give it a little stir between sessions and you’ll be sure to harvest all of the available vapour from your material.

Stealth Factor: A lot more portable that the Solo, and a much easier to hide shape and profile.  However once the glass stem is on there, it becomes pretty obvious what it is.  Good for taking out and about, but not super stealthy.


Strength of effects: The effects are about average, certainly adequate but they don’t stand out either.  Use good material and take as many draws as needed to get the desired effects.


Price: This device is at a great price, I’ve seen it for $229CAD at the time of the review.  For the price, it’s one of the best choices in the market.  I really feel you can’t go wrong with this unit, it’s a reliable, cost effective workhorse.


Love about it: Price to benefits ratio is very high, vapour production is very satisfying, build quality is very good, user replaceable battery is a huge benefit, and it includes a number of bundled extras that you’ll actually use (not the potpourri though).


Not a fan of: Herb can get crispy on higher temperatures, I felt like I was going to break the stem the first time I put it in as it was so tight, wish it had a little more visual interest as it’s fairly utilitarian.  


Final thoughts: This is the ideal first vaporizer.  The value is high, it’s easy to use, and it performs well in every category.  There are also a number of 3rd party accessories to use it with a water pipe which is my favourite way to vape.  I would choose this over a Solo hands down, unless you never plan on leaving the house with it.  No matter how many vaporizers I test, this one will always occupy a certain space is my rotation.

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