25 Hits With A Dry Herb Catcher A Dry Herb Catcher is a highly effective tool to help keep flower out of your water piece so it requires less cleaning.


Help Keep Flower Out Of Your Water Pipe

When you vape flower from a bowl like our 18mm Female Glass Injector Bowl, some of that flower is going to inevitably make its way into your water piece, but we’re going to show you the difference in leafy leftovers when you don't use a Dry Herb Catcher as compared to when you do use one. 

25 Hits With A Dry Herb Catcher vs No Dry Herb Catcher

First, we’re going to do 25 hits through a water piece using this injector bowl without using a Dry Herb Catcher. Injector Bowls have a lot of airflow, so they do tend to let in little bits of flower. That fact in and of itself is not a big deal, but it just ends up making your water piece dirtier, faster. You can always put a screen in these bowls and that will reduce cut flower getting through, but we don't like to add any extra metal to the experience if we don't have to. 

10 Hits In, Starting To Get Pretty Dirty

Taking a look at our progress pictures, it’s pretty obvious even by 10 hits that it's starting to get a decent amount of build-up in the water and sides of the glass. Little bits of actual flower that have infiltrated the water as well as resin that is building up and lodging with that flower into the down stem. After taking 20 hits, things are getting pretty grimy and sticky in the downstem especially. At this point in the process, you at least want to empty that swamp juice out and put fresh water in, if not giving it a thorough clean. By the time we get to the full 25 hits when you look at this glass piece, it's getting pretty grungy; the resin is getting pretty built up and it really doesn't look too appetizing or frankly too healthy to be consuming through.

Build Up & Detritus Can Lead To Bacteria Growth

There you go, after 25 hits when you look at all the build-up in there, like these kinds of balls of fodder, the bowl lets in a little bit of flower, and you will see it build up in the down stem and on the inside of the water reservoir as well. If you take a look at it from an arms’ length, it almost looks like a snow globe when you shake it up and that’s nasty AF. An additional thing to keep in mind as we’ve done these hits pretty rapidly over a couple of days, the cloudy water hasn't really had a chance to develop a biofilm yet, but if you're doing this number of tokes over a week, for example, these are the kind of results that ends up with things growing in your water piece. Please clean your glass somewhat often, for your sake; even if you're doing this over a year-length period of time instead of a few days, it's still going to be growing stuff.

Now Compare…25 Hits With A Dry Herb Catcher

The nice thing about cleaning glass is that it only takes a minute to reach the stage of ‘brand new clean’ again. Next, we’re going to do the lord’s work and enjoy 25 more hits, but this time around, we will have one of our Dry Herb Catchers in between the bowl and the water piece; the bowl is also completely clean as you can see in the pics. Now, the goal with the Dry Herb Catcher isn't to catch every single bit of flower, but it's going to catch most of the flower meaning that you're going to have to clean with no catcher a lot more than you're going to have to clean the bowl with the Dry Herb Catcher and you can usually just maintain your glass piece with a really hot water rinse every couple of days as most of the detritus stays in here. Anyways, enough talking let's see what running 25 hits through this looks like. Dry Herb Catchers come in a few different styles, but they all do the same job and that is sit between your vaporizer and your water piece and catch the remnants of flower that get into the downstem and further beyond. All of the Dry Herb Catchers we carry have a pass-through joint, meaning the bowl connects to the herb catcher as a 14mm connection and goes out to the water pieces as a 14mm connection as well.

Keeps The Flower In The Catcher & Out Of Your Bong

Next, let’s take a look at the difference we’re seeing after 10 hits in the water pipe with the Dry Herb Catcher. You really don't see anything in the water or on the glass of the reservoir, but then in the Dry Herb Catcher, you're seeing a bit of fogginess due to the resin buildup that's concentrated in there which is where we want it. You’ll also notice little bits of flower that are getting stuck to that resin not making their way into your water pipe. When we take a look again at 20 hits, you really don't see much, if anything, in the water pipe itself and then the Dry Herb Catcher continues to collect flower and resin that won’t make its way into your water pipe. Now, when we look at 25 hits but with the Dry Herb Catcher in place, you can see a difference even from a macro level.

Look At The Shocking Comparison Between Both Methods

When we look at this water pipe now, this is the same number of hits as the previous test, but as you can see, the vast majority of that flower has ended up in our Dry Herb Catcher. If you look at the side-by-side comparison now, looking at 25 hits with a Dry Herb Catcher as compared to 25 hits without a Dry Herb Catcher. If you decide not to have a Dry Herb Catcher on your water piece, it looks like you have a snow globe of remnants going on, but using the Dry Herb Catcher, it will be infinitely easier to keep your glass clean. It’s so easy to clean this water piece now, you can just rinse it out with really hot water and that's going to do a majority of the cleaning. We wouldn't do 25 hits before would rinsing it, we prefer to do it after like 10 hits or so but either way, it is a stark difference and it'll keep your water piece a lot cleaner. Dry Herb Catchers are not expensive pieces, but it really does enhance your experience to have one on, especially if you're using a ball or an injector style vape.

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