• Twin Jet Carb Cap
  • Twin Jet Carb Cap
  • Twin Jet Carb Cap
Great White North VC

Twin Jet Carb Cap



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Sneaky Pete Says:

    The Twin Jet Carb Cap sits perfectly on quartz bangers, making a clean seal to carb your dabs.  Each jet points into the corner of the bucket, so oil is forced back towards the centre and re-heated.  Air from the top inlet comes out of two opposing jets at the bottom, creating a strong crosscurrent to mix your oil and spin terp pearls.  After topping off your bucket with the Twin Jet Carb Cap, just continue your hit as normal.  No need to adjust or move the cap – the spinning airflow inside does it all for you.  The Twin Jet is a great addition to effortlessly carb your dabs.

    Carb caps are very important to dabbing for a couple of reasons.  Capping your banger limits the amount of oxygen inside the bucket.  This makes the concentrate vapour thicker, giving it more flavour and punch.  They also help the banger retain heat for longer, which is perfect for big rips and getting those yummy low-temp dabs that we all love so much.