Great White North Vaporizer Company

The Great Lakes & Sneaky Pete Predator V2


Sneaky Pete Says:

Our goal is to provide functional, quality, AFFORDABLE glass for everyone!  The Sneaky Pete Predator V2 is a honeycomb glass recycler with a versatile 14mm male joint.  It has great recycling action and will really cool down the harshest hit.  The base is very stable, and the mouthpiece is tapered in the most pleasant fashion.  The Predator stands 11" tall, so it's very easy to use for those who are near sighted.  The V2 model has been upgraded with a glass arm to bolster the 14mm male joint, and the dimensions have been further optimized for improved recycling function.

Watch Here:

Key Features:

  • approximately 11" tall
  • your face sits at a comfortable distance from the joint for easy use
  • 14mm male joint
  • recycling action pulls vapour around and through the water piece allowing for cooler hits
  • great for dry herb or with concentrate use