Great White North VC

The Marble Wood Stem for DynaVap



Sneaky Pete Says:

    Marble Wood Stems are exceptionally beautiful, each is completely unique, and they are much tougher than a traditional wood stem.  The secret is in the wood stabilization process.  A piece of burl is put into a vacuum chamber and all the air is removed.  Resins are then added that penetrate deep into the wood itself, so the process isn’t just adding vivid colours to the outside, it is actually reinforcing the wood inside, making it more durable.  Stabilized wood takes on striking colour around its burls and gains polymer strength that requires minimal maintenance.

    These stems include a carb and fit with any DynaVap tip.  They are visually stunning and extremely tough, but still feel premium in your hand and no two pieces are the same.  Every DynaVap fan needs at least one Marble Wood Stem in their collection.