• The Indy Core Banger
  • The Indy Core Banger
Great White North VC

The Indy Core Banger



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Sneaky Pete Says:

    The Indy Core Banger has unique advantages over traditional bangers.  First, the normal neck has been replaced by a vertical post topped with an accumulator and side stem to the bucket.  This industrial configuration makes the Indy Core Banger sleeker and more low-profile on your glass water piece, plus it is easier and safer to handle and keeps more honey out of your rig.  The second advantage is the fused quartz thermal core heat sink on the bucket floor.  Approximately 10mm diameter by 8mm tall, the core retains heat much longer than a normal flat basin does.  The channel between the core and the bucket walls creates some of the most efficient cold-start dabbing you can get.  Experiment with your torch time for best results.

    All Great White North bangers are 100% pure GE semiconductor-grade quartz.  They're built to handle extreme heat.  The buckets are 20mm in diameter and the walls 2mm thick.  They are 14mm male (the industry standard) plus the frosted joint finish keeps the banger securely on your rig.  General maintenance is easy, use a Q-tip to sop up any leftover oil that you don’t want.  Try to avoid overheating, but any crusty stuff can soak in alcohol and scrape off easily.  It may take a little practice to get your technique down, but soon you’ll be pulling thick and terpy dabs every time you light the torch