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Super Weapon II Grinder

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Sneaky Pete Says:

The Super Weapon II is a high-quality and super functional dry herb grinder.  It is available in Matte Black, Gold, or Rasta (my favourite!).  The grinder has a few unique features that really add to the function.  In the main grinding section, a few teeth have been removed to create a 'pocket' for you to load your herb.  Simply place your flower in the pocket, close grinder, and then twist to grind; this is much easier than putting a big piece of herb in there and pressing down hard to close it.  Next the screens are replaceable and attachable by magnets!  It features one-twist threading, meaning one full revolution will open or close your grinder, while still being super secure.  If you want a high quality grinder that will last you forever, this is a great choice.

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Key Features:

  • easy to load with the removed teeth
  • shreds your herb to the perfect consistency for vaping
  • closes secure with one full revolution
  • magnetic screens are quick and easy to replace
  • pollen catcher has a gentle angle so nothing gets caught in the corners
  • includes custom made metal pick to scrape and collect your pollen
  • 2.5" across, my preferred grinder size
  • available in Matte Black, Gold, or Rasta