• Sticky Brick - Junior - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Sticky Brick - Junior - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Sticky Brick - Junior - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Sticky Brick - Junior - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Sticky Brick - Junior - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Sticky Brick - Junior - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Sticky Brick - Junior - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
Sticky Brick Labs

Sticky Brick - Junior



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Sneaky Pete Says:

It's a pipe, it's a vape, it's the Sticky Brick!  I call this a Piperizer as the Sticky Brick lineup ushers in a whole new era of vaporizing.  This vaporizer gets it's power from a butane lighter, no batteries required.  The Brick gives you INSTANT, insanely flavourful convection vapour in massive quantities.  It's amazingly efficient, and requires very little maintenance.  Above all else, it delivers an immensely satisfying vaporizer experience, you need to try it to fully understand it.  The Sticky Brick Junior is the most portable Brick in the lineup. You don't need water filtration to use it, but if you want to add water filtration it's easy via the optional 14mm WPA adapter. Everything fits inside of the protective case until you're ready to use it, and it snaps together again in seconds when you're all done your session.

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Key Features:

  • protective shell is held on with strong magnets, disassemble or reassemble in seconds
  • easily portable, pocket sized and fully protected when assembled
  • add a 14mm WPA for water conditioning, a true monster through water
  • instant, on-demand pure convection vapour
  • fantastic flavour and efficiency
  • very low maintenance aside from changing the screen regularly
  • handmade in the USA, each piece is unique and different
  • available in Walnut, Cherry, or Maple
  • will last you a lifetime with proper use and care, very durable
  • includes empty butane torch so you can fill and use right away
  • we get our vaporizers directly from the manufacturer, be aware of fake vaporizers, they can be unsafe and/or unhealthy!

This Product Is Best For:

Someone who wants instant, thick convection vapour hits to take with them on the go. The Sticky Brick Junior doesn't sacrifice vapour quantity or quality with it's small and portable footprint.


Sticky Brick Junior, Extra Screen, Extra Cork, Extra Toothpick, Stainless Stir Stick, Empty Butane Torch, Instructions

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Riley B.

Prompt service. Working product

No complaints.

Ben R.

Best vaporizer ever

It lives up to the hype

Daniel S.

A powerful yet beautiful vaporizer

I have an Arizer Air 2, Dynavap Omnivap Titanium XL and a “M”. The Sticky Brick puts them all to shame. This is my favourite vaporizer thus far and I find it incredibly versatile. You can microdose or go for a full bowl. Either way, the extraction can be incredibly quick and pleasurable. It also looks like a piece of art which is just an added bonus.


hard nosed veteran

I've used em all. this is a GOODER, it'll get you more f***ed up more than almost anything. 4/5 as I want a bigger one, but not the bigger model



Ishould have known that my experience with the little brick would be more about the lighter/torch than about the uit.i have tried a variety of lighters with the unit including the one it came with which worked after i found out you have to purge the lighter every time you fill it. do you have to be a freemason to operate a butane torch?why all the secrecy around operation otherwise? why not include a manual or operational video? the first lighter lasted almost long enough for my new Blazer to arrive with 5x cleaned butane.Blazer included fill videos and sure enoug i was blazing away in no time! now the problem with my near sited,cross eyed operation lead to severe scorching of my beautiful Brick and i had eyebfatique every time i used it. thanks to Pete i had a solution.he supplied a black megaphone unit and i had bought a long black stem for my Airizer Air which i swapped for the angled stem i turned the horn to the side so i was looking down with enough room to make the experience much less frustrating. i ran the Brick with a cork in the air hole and then one day because i'm a non conformist i plgged the do not plug hole and holy smokes-i mean vapor the unit was performing like a champ and life was great. unfortuneatly my new lighter has become an issue which i spend more time purging than i do using it so i have decided to sell the Brick and i bought a Milaana which has been more my style and until vape manufacturers make a induction heater with swappable batteries like a Vapman Station[not sure if its an induction heater but imagine a NANO LOG VAPE WITH INDUCTION HEATER INSTEAD OF A PLUG IN HEATER. the next batteries will be out shortly the next level vapes are going to make vaping almost as efficient as butane without the burns,****** lighters,and bad fuel. i will say though that the Bric does do a great bjob at doing what its meant to when the stars line up correctly.