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Sneaky Pete Says:

The Pax 3 improves on every aspect of the Pax 2.  It heats up in as little as 15 seconds, it has a vibration motor to alert you upon heatup, and it now works with both dry herb and concentrate.  The battery is also improved even more, the battery life on the Pax 3 is insane.  It performs amazing for both dry herb and concentrate, which is pretty rare but always welcome.  The app allows you to customize your vape by changing colours and heating methods.  I highly recommend this vape!!

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Intelligent, intuitive and instant. The Pax 3 is a dual-use portable vaporizer delivers a strong, pure vapor for loose leaf and extract (extract insert included). With a more efficient heater it takes only 15 seconds to heat up. An upgraded battery powers the oven 2X as fast as the PAX 2. Other Pax 3 upgrades include medical grade materials in the air path, LED and haptic feedback notify you that the Pax 3 is ready. Includes 10-year warranty.


Pax 3 operation couldn't be easier: For flower use, simply load your ground material into the oven until full. Don't need a full oven? With Pax 3's new Half Pack Oven Lid you can load half the amount you normally would. Replace the oven lid, press the top button to power the Pax 3 on, and wait for the haptic feedback (vibration) or the LED lights to indicate the oven is ready. Draw from the top and enjoy. 

For concentrate use, remove the concentrate lid from the included Pax 3 concentrate insert, and apply your concentrate to the chamber carefully, making sure not to get concentrate in the two air holes. Insert into the oven, and power the unit on. When the oven is ready, simply draw from the Pax 3 and enjoy its amazing new capabilities!


PAX 3 Device
Concentrate Insert
Charging Cable + Dock
3500 mAh Battery
2 Mouthpieces
2 Oven Lids
3 Screens
Maintenance Kit

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