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Sneaky Pete Says:

The Lotus in an incredibly flavourful and uniquely designed butane vaporizer that produces vapour in as little as 3 seconds.  It's very easy to use with the included torch, and has a unique design to separate the butane fumes from the air that you inhale for maximum health and purity of flavour.  The Aluminum Pipe is incredibly durable and helps to cool the vapour down, meaning the Lotus is smooth and tasty every time.  For anyone who has struggled with butane vaporizers in the past, the Lotus provides a more straightforward experience with a minimized chance of scorching or burning your herb.  You can also add accessories to make your Lotus work with a water piece or with concentrates!  

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Key Features:

  • incredibly pure flavour from your herb or concentrate
  • designed to separate the butane flame/fumes from the air passing over your herb for maximum purity and health
  • pure convection vapour for strong effects
  • very small learning curve, does not require nearly as much technique as some other butane vaporizers
  • instant on-demand vapour in as little as 3 seconds
  • no batteries, no charging, vapour anytime
  • included lighter works perfectly with the Lotus, no additional equipment is required
  • robust system that is built to last for years of problem free operation
  • more analogous experience to smoking than with a battery powered vaporizer
  • use with your favourite water piece or with concentrates
  • we get our vaporizers directly from the manufacturer, be aware of fake vaporizers, they can be unsafe and/or unhealthy!

This Product Is Best For:

Someone who wants the convenience and power of a butane vaporizer in a package that is easy to use and produces unbelievably pure flavour.  The Lotus is straightforward, enjoyable to use, and highly effective.


Lotus Vapour Cap, Aluminum Pipe Mouthpiece (screen installed), Butane Lighter (empty)

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    As good as the best vaporizer out there

    I use a Crafty all the time and it works amazingly well. I never thought the Lotus would have as good a vapour and smoothness as the Crafty. Initially the Lotus charred the buds but never combusted the material. What I found out is that the bud I received from the Government is dry of optimum. That was a huge issue because if the cannabis is not stored at 55% to 65% humidity and a temperature below 25 degrees centigrade the cannabinoids and terpenes are difficult to get off the buds. Once I started using a humidor the difference was amazing. The Lotus worked all the time without charring or combustion just like the Crafty. Using the Lotus bowl on the J-pipe was smooth but a bit harsh. But it never hurt my throat. The taste was amazing! When I used it with a water pipe it was very smooth with huge clouds of vapour. Now, I trust the Lotus as much as the Crafty but like it better because of the large clouds of vapour and the ability to use less material in the bowl. Plus, I can control the temperature faster than the Crafty with more or less torch flame.


    Efficient and simple to use

    I have used a Crafty for a while now and purchased the Lotus kit because I was curious. The Lotus intrigued me because it is a modified pipe that works by convection. At first I had trouble with the material getting charred but it never did combust which was good. I thought I was doing something wrong by using too much heat or the draw was too slow. I finally realized it was not the technique or the Lotus Kit. It was the humidity of the bud. Once I brought the bud back to life to 62% humidity the Lotus was much easier to use and the hits were amazingly smooth, thick and powerful. The Lotus really does pack a punch. It is now right up there in vaper quality compared to my Crafty. I would suggest sitting down when using this kit. Unless you can take a punch standing up.