• The Launch Pad for Dynavap - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • The Launch Pad for Dynavap - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • The Launch Pad for Dynavap - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • The Launch Pad for Dynavap - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • The Launch Pad for Dynavap - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
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The Launch Pad for Dynavap

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Sneaky Pete Says:

The Launch Pad is the perfect accessory for setting and cooling down your Dynavap between uses.  The base has a reassuring weight of 4.35oz, and it features a strong N45 Diametrical Neodymium Magnet in the centre.  Keep your Dynvap on the Launch Pad between sessions, it'll always be easy to access and ready to go.  When you're done with your hit, set your Dynvap down onto the magnet to cool down and chill, ready to go when you are.

* Dynavap not included, for demonstration only *

Watch Here:

Key Features:

  • an inexpensive and functional accessory for all Dynavap owners
  • 4.35oz, 2.5" diameter, 0.5" tall
  • strong magnet to hold your Dynavap securely
  • placing your Dynvap onto this between hits will dissipate the heat within a number of seconds
  • the perfect place to rest and store your favourite Dynavap

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Scott H.

Cooler than expected!

Great little accessory. It holds my various vapcaps when not in use and cools them down nicely between applications of heat. Manufacturing quality is higher than expected and it’s pretty hefty weight wise. I definitely look forward to using it around the house!

James L.

A great looking base for your Dynavap.

Looks great, works very well holding the Dynavap and helps with cooling as well. Simple but nicely made, looks perfect together with the Titanium XL, nice and modern style for use on a desk or coffee table.

Eric Coombs

Magnet Could Be Stronger

The Launch Pad is a great companion for your Dynavp. Their is a noticeable decrease in cool down times when I place my Omnivap Titanium XL on the Launch Pad between uses. The Launch Pad is great for placing on a desk or taking with you in a bag. The only thing that kept me from giving a 5 star review was the magnet. The Launch Pad's magnet is too weak. It only takes a small tap on the Dynavap for it to wobble or fall over.

John Locke


Totally worth the $20. Cools down my dynavap nice and quick.


T-minus 10 seconds till liftoff

The launch pad works exactly as described, it's solid and functional and keeps your vapcap ready for liftoff at a moment's notice. Before I got this I was using an empty Tuna can with some janky magnets attached to it, I pulled the magnets out of the battery door of one of my old ecig mods . That contraption did basically the same job, but the launchpad was made to do this job, and does it with style. The pad does have a solid weight to it but is only about the size of a hockey puck, plenty small enough to pop in your bag if you want to have a stand with you wherever you plan on vaping during the day. I mostly keep it on my desk but just got back from a 3 day music festival where I'm quite certain I would've lost my vapcap had I not brought along the trusty launchpad!