• Highbrid Innovations Vape Press - Pax 2/3 - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Highbrid Innovations Vape Press - Pax 2/3 - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Highbrid Innovations Vape Press - Pax 2/3 - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Highbrid Innovations Vape Press - Pax 2/3 - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Highbrid Innovations Vape Press - Pax 2/3 - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
Highbrid Innovations

Highbrid Innovations Vape Press - Pax 2/3

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Sneaky Pete Says:

The Vape Press allows you to pack a crazy amount of herb into your favourite conduction vaporizer like the Pax 2/3.  It's a simple device that acts like a vice to squeeze your herb into a tiny little cake, perfectly sized and ready to load into your vape.  As conduction vaporizers heat up the entire bowl through radiant heating, the cakes get a surprisingly even vape, and your bowl will now last incredibly long.  A very cool and effective little gadget, I use mine every time I'm leaving for an extended time with my Pax!

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Key Features:

  • compatible with the Pax 2/3
  • the Vape Press will allow you to load 0.5g-0.8g in your vaporizer
  • substantial increase in maximum bowl size
  • sized perfectly to allow for expansion and airflow
  • doesn't negatively affect the performance of your Pax 2/3 in any way
  • dense hits and many more hits/sessions per bowl pack
  • cakes are durable and can maintain their compressed shape for days
  • ability to easily reload and unload on the fly
  • the Vape Press is very durable and constructed from high quality materials

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Bought the vape press for my pax3

Its not the greatest...pucks get stuck on the insert and breaks everytime I try to remove it.


Highbrid Innovations Vape Press - Pax 2/3

Excellent. Process is a bit of a pain, but the press works like a charm, and makes usage and cleanup light years better.


Vape press

Love this thing. Big time saver.

Guy P.

This is my review of the Highbrid Innovations Vape Press for the PAX 3

What a great idea: making up cakes—or pucks—and then be free to use them without having to manually refill your PAX; just drop the puck and you’re ready to play! Great idea indeed, but bad conception, unfortunately… So I bought this press, delighted by the idea of being free to manually refill my PAX and use my pucks on the go. The press works ALMOST as expected, but suffers from a huge flaw that is, in my humble opinion, totally unacceptable. The issue is the following: the PAX vaporizer heats up your stuff by conduction; that means the stuff inside the oven MUST touch the FOUR inner sides of the said oven, so CONDUCTION works best. That is why PaxVapor (the manufacturer of the PAX vaporizer) suggests to TIGHTLY press your stuff in the oven. However, the pucks made by the press do not get in contact with all the inner sides of the oven; it’s not big enough to reach both extremities (tips) in the oven, which leaves air pockets (air spaces) in the oven, causing the material NOT to heat up properly and evenly, and moreover, it allows too much air to get in when you vape, which consistently cool the oven, causing it to heat up while it shouldn’t have to, diminishing the battery’s life. To fix the issue, I have to manually press the pucks—with a little spoon—when I put them in the oven, so there’s no such air pockets at both tips of the oven; what’s the point of pressing pucks with the press if I have to work for them to fit correctly in the oven? Just so we are clear: the vape press works, but there’s a flaw in its conception that makes it not perfect; if I would have paid, say, $20 ~ $40 for it, I wouldn’t mind, but almost $80 later, I’m pretty ****** off. Maybe it’s only MY unit that shows this flaw, but either way, it’s unacceptable; what was meant to be a great idea turned out to be as major cause of disappointment. For the record, I make .8g, .9g and 1g pucks with the press. So, bottom line: 1. Shopping and shipping were great, so yes, I would certainly buy from you again; 2. Product was not on par to my expectations, I shall NEVER ever buy this again, neither will I recommend it. Be cool! Z

Louis-Philippe Morel

Nice Product !

Nice build !! I like this product and you will 2 !!