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Firefly 2

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Sneaky Pete Says:

The Firefly 2 is the perfect vaporizer for those looking for the best.  The Firefly 2 provides top-tier vapour quality, some of the smoothest hits you will ever take!  It is very efficient; your material will stretch out further than you'd think.  One area where this vaporizer shines is its ability to work with both dry herb and concentrate; it's the only portable I've ever used that works equally well for both.  It includes a spare battery with purchase, and you can purchase additional tops to customize your look.  One of the most exciting vaporizers on the market today, a great choice for those looking to truly experience the nuance of their material.

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Key Features:

  • heats up in as little as 5 seconds
  • true on demand 100% convection vapour
  • performs admirably with both dry herb and concentrate, a true dual-use device
  • removable li-ion battery provides many hits, includes extra battery with purchase
  • 55 laser drilled holes in bowl for optimum performance
  • pure borosilicate glass air pathway
  • pair with optional Firefly App for optimal performance and new features
  • very strong effects due to true convection heating
  • a great device for the connoisseur who wants the best flavour possible with their herb and concentrate
  • magnetic lid with window allows for view of material
  • simple operation with capacitive touch buttons on side of device 
  • durable build, lightweight and easily pocketable
  • we get our vaporizers directly from the manufacturer, be aware of fake vaporizers, they can be unsafe and/or unhealthy!

This Product Is Best For:

Someone who wants to experience the tastiest vapour possible in an on-demand portable device.  The Firefly 2 produces cool and delicious vapour from both dry herb and concentrate, making it ideal for a dual-purpose device.


Firefly 2 Vaporizer, 2 x Rechargeable Batteries, Charging Dock, USB 3.0 Cable, Cleaning Kit, 3 x Concentrate Pads

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    Mike King

    Great but issues to deal with.

    Three stars for now, I’ll update in a few months. But this is my experience with using the unit for 10 days. I bought the Jet Black model and Sneaky Pete’s service is great!! Let’s start off by saying flavour from the Firefly2 is amazing. I enjoy the design, use, control, function, app and process of this vape very much. However, I suggest you use both batteries fully when you receive the unit to make sure they work properly. One of mine made the unit glitch out, shut off, blink lights and overheat. The other battery works as expected. I had to get Firefly to provide a warranty replacement on the battery. After explaining the situation, they agreed it was the battery. Then one of the side snaps on the mouthpiece breaks off as I had to remove it to clean the herb from the screen. Again, I had to get Firefly to replace that as well. It’s under warranty, of coarse, but out of stock, so I have to now wait, who know how long, for it to ship. In the meantime, using the unit with a mouthpiece that falls out sucks! Final advice, test unit thoroughly and be careful with the mouth piece. Firefly tech support have been great and I have had no issues with them. Very helpful and willing.


    Excellent vapor taste and production

    The Firefly 2 was my second vaporizer after the Pax 2 and, while the Pax was great to learn with due to its ease of use, the Firefly has replaced it as my daily driver. It's very true that there is a learning curve, but it's totally worth it to get amazing tasting vapor. Before I tried the FF2, I didn't really understand why people talked so highly about the flavors of different strains because they all tasted the same to me, but with the FF2 I can really taste everything. The vapor is super smooth and barely warm at all, and between the smoothness and the taste, I don't know if I can ever go back to conduction vapes without running them through a bubbler. So yes, it can be finicky, the batteries could definitely last longer, and it's not super portable, just like all the negative reviews say, but I wholeheartedly recommend the FF2 anyway for anyone who cares about vapor flavor and smoothness.

    Jesseeatsbrains (YouTube name)

    Good Vaporizor

    Bought one for Christmas. Definitely a powerful unit. Great for flavor with dry herb and concentrates. But definitely has a restrictive draw. Didn't think it would bug me that much, but the draw really is tight. Other than that it's a great unit. Really durable as well. Also wish the bowl size was bigger. But other than that it's the creme de le creme of portables.

    Jasmine k

    For the true vape enthusiasts

    What can I say that hasn't already been said about the Firefly 2? Yes it is a unit that requires the user to learn. There is a technique in order to use this unit to get the best possible results and there are many videos on YouTube that will detail this for you. If you're the kind of person who just likes to pick up a new unit and **** and use it this is not the one for you. However if you are willing to learn the proper draw technique you will not be disappointed. This unit provides an amazing Vapor experience. The flavor is unprecedented by any other portable unit you will really get to experience the full terpene profiles of your herb. The unit is also not cheap as well however that is because a lot of technology and build quality goes into these little units. The Firefly 2 although not for everyone is definitely loved by the users who have taken the time to appreciate it.


    Great Option for Higher Budgets

    While the Firefly 2 is by no means a budget-friendly device, it performs outstandingly. Out of the vaporizers I own, I find myself going back to the FF2 time and time again for a few reasons. The flavor is excellent, the design and build is fantastic, it's extremely efficient, and it works very well with both dry herb and concentrates. With this combination of performance and flexibility, the FF2 is an excellent choice. I will say that at the beginning, there was a minor learning curve to get over, but once I had the technique dialed in it was smooth sailing.