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10mm Glass Adapter for Dynavap & DaVinci IQ


Sneaky Pete Says:

The adapter fits directly onto the 10mm adapter that comes with your DaVinci IQ, allowing you to use it with your favourite water piece.  It will also work natively with a Dynavap - no rubber mouthpiece necessary for a cleaner vapour pathway.  Water-filtered vapour is cooler and it allows you to take larger hits, it's amazing what your device can do with one of these.  Highly recommended for all IQ & Dynavap owners.  The adapter has a 14mm or 18mm male joint, so you can plug this directly into a 14mm female joint or 18mm female joint on your water tool.  

The 3-In-1 Universal adapter has a 10mm female joint on one side, and a universal 10mm/14mm/18mm male adapter on the other side!  This one will work with almost anything you have.  

Watch Here:

Key Features:

  • 10mm female joint works with DaVinci IQ or any Dynavap
  • available in 14mm or 18mm male to work with your water piece
  • universal 10mm/14mm/18mm male adapter will work with almost any female water piece