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  • Digital Volcano w/ Solid Valve System - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
Storz & Bickel

Digital Volcano w/ Solid Valve System

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Sneaky Pete Says:

The Volcano provides an unparalleled desktop vaporizer experience.  Manufactured to the highest standards in Germany, it's something you buy for the long term.  The vapour quality and ease of use have made this one of the most popular desktop vaporizers since the last millennium.  It delivers a pure and satisfying extraction, and the temperature control throughout the heating cycle is second to none.  The Volcano is the benchmark that all other vaporizers are compared to for a very good reason.  The long-term value of this vaporizer is tremendous, it's not cheap but in this case, you truly get what you pay for.

The Digital Volcano with the Solid Valve system is a great combination for someone who doesn't want to be tied into purchasing bags from Store & Bickel.  This system allows a user to adjust the bag volume to their desired size, and you can use any 'large' oven cooking bag for the system.  The Digital Display offers precise temperature control in either C or F, and is quite stunning from a visual perspective.

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Key Features:

  • the Cadillac of vaporizers, a true legend in the industry
  • full convection vapour delivered through a forced air balloon system
  • balloon can hold vapour for a long time, allowing you to 'sip' the bag and pass it around at your leisure
  • bags fill up fast with some of the tastiest and purest vapour you will ever consume
  • incredibly efficient, the Volcano will extract all active ingredient available in your material
  • unrivalled smoothness and cool vapour, among the least harsh on the market
  • single degree temperature control, simple and easy to use interface
  • includes Liquid Pad so you can use your Volcano with concentrated material as well as dry herb
  • can leave plugged in and turned on, ready to go whenever you are
  • precise temperature control, your herb is extracted at the exact temperature that you set it at
  • buy this device for the long term, it's an investment in something you will you use for years and years
  • we get our vaporizers directly from the manufacturer, be aware of fake vaporizers, they can be unsafe and/or unhealthy!

This Product Is Best For:

Someone who wants to invest in a legendary desktop vaporizer that delivers arguably the best vapour on the market.  The Volcano has earned its reputation, it provides unrivalled performance in a simple to use package.


Volcano Vaporizer, 2x Air Filters, Storz & Bickel Grinder, User Manual, 10 Feet Balloon Material, Solid Valve, Normal Screen Set, 3x Lower Screen (No Hole), 3x Upper Screen (With Hole), Washer, Nut, Mouthpiece, Filling Chamber, Liquid Pad, Cleaning Brush

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          Flagship Desktop Experience

          The Volcano has been a hard hitter since its release back in 2000. The concept of the vaporizer is beautifully simple. The fan intakes air and passes it through a heating chamber, then up out the top and through your material. Pure convection plain and simple! The bag helps bring the vapor to a room temperature and since it's really just a container for vapor, it's incredibly easy to hit. Press the valve in and just inhale like you're taking a breath. Done! Since it's full convection, it's a flavor bomb! The first bag will blow your taste buds away. Even at a half pack, I'll get upwards of 5 full, flavorful bags from quality material. I've found it can handle everything from a small pinch to a full pack. Obviously a small pinch will be yielding less volume of vapor, but if you like microdosing, it'll work great. The only gripe I could have with the vape is the sound; but it's a minor inconvenience. The fan and bag will emit noticeable noise so this vaporizer is not "stealthy", but it's a desktop vape; I don't think it fits into that category anyway. It can be cumbersome to transport if you do, but to the same point, I don't think it's a huge concern. Price can be high, but I truly believe it is worth it. The herb I save, the experience I have, and the durability the Volcano provides has been well worth the price tag. Tl;DR: Pros - Efficient - Flavorful - Durable - Dynamic Cons - Portability - Sound 9/10