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Boundless CFX/CFV 3-in-1 Glass Adapter

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Add Glass Protect (?) for only $2.49! Glass items can break. We get it - we’ve done it too. So get 50% off a replacement item with Glass Protect.

Sneaky Pete Says:

This 3-in-1 Adapter will allow you to use your Boundless CFX or CFV with your favourite water piece!  Using a glass adapter like this allows you to keep the purest air path possible for your vaporizer experience.  Simply remove the top cooling unit from your CFX or CFV, fill your bowl as usual, twist this adapter in place, and you're ready to water cool your Boundless CFX or CFV.  This adapter has a universal 10mm/14mm/18mm male adapter on the other side, meaning it will work with almost anything you have.

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    Good idea. Not so great implementation.

    The star rating is not for GWN at all. They have been fantastic, and i would recommend that you come back to them when you're ready to buy. They'll take care of you. The 3 stars is for the actual adapter. It's function works well and does what it's supposed to. There are 5 problems that i found. 1. The plastic collar to lock it to the device sort of grabs when locking it. It stops, but it doesn't feel solid, and when combined with the issue from #2 it makes the unit feel like it's going to fall off. 2. The opening at the bottom where it interfaces to the cfx does not have the correct angle to match the cfx. So the whole glass piece can tip back and forth as it shifts in the collar. Which makes me believe that it's not completely sealed and I'm drawing air from above the bowl. 3. The plastic material used for the collar starts to lose its stiffness when the vaporizer goes above ~205°C. This makes both problems #1 and #2 feel even worse since it allows the glass piece to move more easily and the collar also starts to loosen off and can detach if you're not paying attention. 4. There is nothing holding the glass piece to the collar. So if you're like me, you unlock the collar by twisting it, and then lift it off because when it's locked the 2 pieces feel solid, but if you lift by the collar alone like i did once, the glass piece will fall out. Maybe you'll get lucky and yours won't break. Mine broke just the edge when it bounced off the counter top from the height of the cfx. Thankfully i was able to wet sand it down so they'res no sharp edges anymore, and I'm not putting my mouth on there, so it's not a huge deal. Looks ****** though, especially since it happened the first week i got it. 5. The screen that's included is not sealed at the edges, so anything that catches the ends of the wires, like a towel while drying the screen, will cause them to start to pull apart. And no second screen included. If GWN is reading these, maybe you can forward these to whomever is manufacturing these for you. 3 easy fixes that would push this to an easy 5 star. 1. Fix the angle at the vaporizer end so that it sits down and interfaces properly. 2. A high temp silicone tube that could be slipped on and would sit at the very bottom section, right above the interface to the vaporizer would take up some space and let the collar hang on to the glass piece a bit better. (This is similar to what the glass mouthpiece for the cfx that lyou sell) 3. A better screen that won't fall apart, or throw a couple more in to the package. Overall i do like this unit. With these problems and me using a small water bubblers, the glass piece tipping back and forth is unsettling sometimes since it feels like the whole thing will fall off.

    Adam M.