• Baby Bong 10mm Portable Water Tool - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Baby Bong 10mm Portable Water Tool - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Baby Bong 10mm Portable Water Tool - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Baby Bong 10mm Portable Water Tool - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
Great White North Vaporizer Company

Baby Bong 10mm Portable Water Tool



Sneaky Pete Says:

The Baby Bong (*not for babies) is the perfect way to add water filtration to your Dynavap on the go!  The Baby Bong is highly portable, but still provides significant conditioning to your hit, allowing for larger and cooler draws.  The top features a shotgun hole so you can empty the chamber, as well as a loop that can act as an attachment point.  Fill it to about 1cm below the logo, and keep in mind as you're doing a test draw that when you have a vaporizer covering the intake hole the draw won't be as intense, meaning that you can add more water than you expect.  The water conditioned vapour is cool and smooth on the throat, a great addition for any Dynavap owner!

Watch Here:


Key Features:

  • provides significant water cooling and filtration to your Dynavap
  • stands approximately 2.75" tall
  • has shotgun hole and attachment ring for added function
  • water helps to cool and hydrate the vapour, leading to less throat irritation and allowing for larger hits
  • easy to hold design, very easy to master the technique
  • use any vaporizer or banger that features a 10mm joint

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    John M.
    United States

    Great glass

    Super nice and works well

    Shirly Davis


    works for me, my husband likes the big one we already have, but that's better we each have our own now :P

    2017 Leon

    good not tons of water

    just be aware it's a small water pipe it is a bit tough to tell from the pictures, watch the videos

    Next 1

    Fits my needs

    I found my Dynavap M was too hot and it irritated my wife's throat. I did want a water bubbler, but I wanted something small. I find this is a great tool once you figure out the water level - we use to the bottom of the Maple Leaf Logo, and that's our perfect solution

    Melanie W.

    Haha I love it!

    when Pete was teasing about this I told him I wanted to pre-order, and I got mine before anyone :) I really enjoy using with with my Omnivap. Adding this little bit of water made 100% difference. I have a sensitive throat and sometimes even good herb can produce vapour that will irritate my throat. I find with this though the vapour is cool, smooth, and somehow tastier (Maybe just in my head?). Always, great little water piece, love mine.