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The C-150 - 14mm Female Joint

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Sneaky Pete Says:

Our first custom piece!  Our goal is to provide functional, quality, AFFORDABLE glass for everyone!  We commissioned a high-end manufacturer to produce these to our specifications.  The goal was to create a small, adaptable, and effective water piece that anyone can afford.  The versatile 14mm female joint is designed to work natively with all of our adapters, and a huge variety of others.  The included whip features a 14mm male joint on one end, and a glass tip on the other (much better mouthfeel than plastic).  You can also add a Glass Mouthpiece to use with it.  This is my go-to piece and I find it has the perfect volume of water for vaporizer use.

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Key Features:

  • the C-150 stands approximately 4" high
  • each joint on the piece is 14mm female
  • includes a whip, glass tip, and 14mm male adapter
  • super versatile, use with vaporizers, bangers, or traditional bowls
  • perfect volume of water for vaporizer use
  • base is very stable, will work with almost any vaporizer
  • great bubble dispersion and water filtration
  • add an optional clear or black glass mouthpiece

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Great little piece

Purchased this piece along with both glass stems. Like others have mentioned it was smaller than I anticipated but totally happy with it. It fits quite nicely in my hand. The actual glass is on the thinner side but looks relatively resilient. Just dont drop it or knock it over. I have used it with my Dynavap (with 10mm boring for sealing) and Arizer Solo 2 and they both work great with it. I havent even picked up my other piece (Toro Jet Perc knockoff) as I like how this little guy fits in my hands just right. One quick word of note regarding the stems. The Black one is longer than the clear by maybe 1/2 inch and has a slightly smaller and thinner lip on the mouthpiece side. Only thing I would change is maybe increase the angle of the mouthpiece joint so it's slightly more horizontal. I'd rather have to hold the piece higher rather than angle my head down more. Overall a solid 9/10 for vaporizing!


C150 good, but could be better.

When I picked this up I was surprised it was smaller than expected. That was not a deal breaker as it was mainly to be used for vaporizers anyways so I didn’t see the need for a giant chamber. Draws are smooth with the mouthpiece, but I mainly use the whip which leads into my gripe with this product. With the whip in, the globe is very easy to tip over, as the weight seems to all be on one side. I can add more water to try to weigh it down, but that ends up making the water pull through the whip when I’m drawing and clearing the bowl causing it to go into my mouth. For next time I would hope that the bottom would be heavier, or wider so that it is less succeptible to tipping, but I will not deny that I love using it nevertheless.


A favorite for me

I love this little guy! I use it daily with my Dynavaps or my Crafty. I purchased it with the black glass mouth piece and rarely use the whip thats included with it, but it's great to have. I would buy another in an instant if I ever broke it. a favorite in my glass collection

Phil M.
United States

This thing is great

I paired this with an Enano vaporizer per Sneaky Pete's advice on YouTube. It is the BEST way to consume flower in a super efficient tasty smooth fashion, on demand.

Roberta T.

C-150 - 14mm Female Joint

I really like this little device. I used it with my son’s Arizer and the glass mouthpiece. I have asthma and I was hoping that the C-150 would make it so that I can use cannabis flowers to help with fibromyalgia, depression, and anxiety. Unfortunately, while I could feel the benefits of the moisture, my lungs are too sensitive to do cannabis by inhalation. I am sure when my son heals from having his wisdom teeth out he will enjoy the C-150.