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The C-150 - 14mm Female Joint

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Sneaky Pete Says:

Our first custom piece!  Our goal is to provide functional, quality, AFFORDABLE glass for everyone!  We commissioned a high-end manufacturer to produce these to our specifications.  The goal was to create a small, adaptable, and effective water piece that anyone can afford.  The versatile 14mm female joint is designed to work natively with all of our adapters, and a huge variety of others.  The included whip features a 14mm male joint on one end, and a glass tip on the other (much better mouth feel than plastic).  You can also add a Glass Mouthpiece to use with it.  This is my go-to piece and I find it has the perfect volume of water for vaporizer use.

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Key Features:

  • the C-150 stands approximately 4" high
  • each joint on the piece is 14mm female
  • includes a whip, glass tip, and 14mm male adapter
  • super versatile, use with vaporizers, bangers, or traditional bowls
  • perfect volume of water for vaporizer use
  • base is very stable, will work with almost any vaporizer
  • great bubble dispersion and water filtration
  • add an optional clear or black glass mouthpiece

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Roberta T.

C-150 - 14mm Female Joint

I really like this little device. I used it with my son’s Arizer and the glass mouthpiece. I have asthma and I was hoping that the C-150 would make it so that I can use cannabis flowers to help with fibromyalgia, depression, and anxiety. Unfortunately, while I could feel the benefits of the moisture, my lungs are too sensitive to do cannabis by inhalation. I am sure when my son heals from having his wisdom teeth out he will enjoy the C-150.

Mike tuggsock

Blackfriday sale

Its a pretty neat water tool. I use it with my arizer q. Only issues with that is the hoses weigh a lot and the water tool doesnt, so its not very stable and ive spilled it many times. Very fun to use tho, and with the mini whip you can place the desktop unit in the middle and pass the water tool with out even getting up. Just be sure to unhook everything before you put it down so it doesnt spill


Great little piece!

I've been using this for about a month or two now. I wanted a glass piece that wasn't some gigantic bong and wasn't going to break the bank over. It is small, clean looking and gets the job done. Coupled it with my PAX 2 and currently trying my Dynavap with it and the pairing is great! Also highly recommend getting the glass mouth piece addition. Makes for a very comfortable hit.

David T.

The C-150 its great!

Great little water piece get one for your vaping collection

Mark S.

Love this glass

Excellent service and I love the products