• Dynavap - 2018 M - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Dynavap - 2018 M - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Dynavap - 2018 M - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Dynavap - 2018 M - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Dynavap - 2018 M - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Dynavap - 2018 M - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Dynavap - 2018 M - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Dynavap - 2018 M - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |

Dynavap - 2018 M

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Sneaky Pete Says:

The Dynavap series is another killer vaporizer that doesn't need a battery!  The on-demand conduction/convection heating is provided by a butane lighter, or a regular lighter, or a candle, burning stick, stove element etc!  The units are absolutely tiny but provide an amazing vapour experience.  The ever-popular Dynavap M has now been updated for 2018 to further increase the performance of this amazing ultra-portable, ultra-affordable vaporizer!

Watch Here:

Key Features:

  • all stainless steel construction for affordability & durability
  • upgraded design features new ribbing in midsection for increased grip properties, larger and more pronounced cross-hatching for easier to find shotgun, a redesigned fin for better heating performance, and dual air channels for even better airflow
  • this vaporizer will last you a lifetime with proper care and use
  • the smallest vaporizer you can buy, portability to the extreme
  • no batteries or charging required, heat with a butane torch, candle, lighter, campfire; any heat source will work
  • instant, on-demand vapour
  • thick and satisfying clouds with very little effort
  • you can vary the temperature of your hits through flame technique (see '5 Tips' video above)
  • the Cap emits an audible click when you reach temperature, and another click when the vaporizer is cooled down
  • ultra-affordable entry level butane vaporizer, recommended for all users
  • standard condenser, stainless steel midsection and mouthpiece, 92mm total length
  • many accessories available, easy to use with a water piece
  • we get our vaporizers directly from the manufacturer, be aware of fake vaporizers, they can be unsafe and/or unhealthy!

This Product Is Best For:

Someone who wants an ultra-portable vaporizer with amazing vapour performance for an incredibly affordable price.  The new 2018 Dynavap M will satisfy almost any vaporizer user and is an impossible value to beat.  Many people order them for vacations to take a clean, unused vaporizer in their luggage...


Dynavap 2018 M Vaporizer, Stainless Steel Cap, Airtight Storage Tube

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      Good service. I ordered what I wanted and got it. Seems good.

      Jason Connolly

      This is legit

      I needed something cuz I was fed up carrying my volcano in hotel and ****, it reminds me a lot of my friends Pax 3 hits... watched so many videos took me only 3 buckets to figure it out. I will buy the wood mouthpiece for sure.


      My only regret is not buying an xl

      This thing is great. I was worried all the claims were mostly hype. The flavor is way better than anything I have used before, I am using way less bud, and I can use the cooked bud to make brownies later. I use it through my dab rig. Be warned, the flavor is so pure that using it through a dirty water piece will make it taste really bad. I plan to buy at least one more version when I can afford it. I only gave it 4 stars because I've been having a hard time finding a reliable lighter to use. On days like today, when its -30, Im not sure if I would even be able to get it to temp. Fortunately, hardly any smell is produced, so smoking in my room hasn't been an issue. It actually makes my room smell better, and mixing my bud with tea can produce some really nice flavors. It will taste exactly how it smells. The flavor of peach tea actually changed after each heating. It went from tasting like an actualpeach, to a baked peach dessert. TL;DR. Spend a little extra for an xl, or buy an M and a nonavong and swap parts around. The spinning mouth piece is a no brainer if you want luxury.


      Lives up to the hype.

      Reddit convinced me that this vape was the best thing since sliced bread, and they weren't wrong. My new favorite!



      Eldon said it was good, so i bought it.