• DynaVap - 2019 M - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • DynaVap - 2019 M - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • DynaVap - 2019 M - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • DynaVap - 2019 M - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • DynaVap - 2019 M - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |

DynaVap - 2019 M

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Sneaky Pete Says:

    The 2019 DynaVap M is upgraded in almost every way.  Starting with a redesigned tip, the old spiral air channels are gone, replaced by new serpentine grooves with cutouts in the tip’s edge that add heating efficiency and make the draw easier.  But better convection is just the first of many improvements for the next generation M.  A line of ridges where the body connects to the tip will warn your fingers before they accidentally touch a hot spot.  The skin has an attractive surface texture going all the way down to an updated carb hole so deeply notched it’s impossible to miss.  On the back, there’s a new rocker spine so now you can feather the carb of your M while still holding it with a tight grip.  A slender mouthpiece adds an elegant finishing touch to an impressive set of improvements.

Question:  Are the upgrades really worth the extra $5 dollars?

Answer:    **** YES!

    Made in the USA, DynaVap’s ingenuity has taken the vape world by storm.  Butane powered; they do what most other vaporizers cannot – completely free you from plugging in.  Heating with a torch is convenient, but the ritual and technique for using a DynaVap will be pleasantly familiar to “old-school” tokers.  That is likely why we hear more about the M helping people quit smoking than any other vape on the market.  The M is great because it’s affordable, very small (pen-sized), almost indestructible, electronics-free, easy to learn, and most importantly it is just damn fun to use.  No doubt one of the best vapes you can buy for $70; many would say the DynaVap M is the best vaporizer you can buy period.

Watch Here:

Key Features:

  • redesigned tip for better convection
  • warning ridges protect your fingers
  • attractive textured skin
  • unmissable carb
  • rocker spine for controllability
  • 1-year membership to The Cool Kids Club 😉


2019 DynaVap M

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      Great Product

      Gets you lit. Only issue I have with it is that I haven't found a torch I like, and while it works great with regular bic lighters, they don't hold a flame outside.

      Muhammad A.

      Great till you try the Ti

      That was my experience, till I started using the Ti, and the M is just setting there. In fairness, the M is great through water, but it is harsh without it. The moment I used the Ti I stopped using the M, it produces much cooler vape, cool enough that I don't need water with it.


      Fantastic Vape

      Absolutely staggered at the efficiency & ease of the the Dynavap M 2019. Absolutely worth it.

      David J.

      Great product... Shipping was fast

      Great product... Shipping was fast very satisfied


      Loved 2018 Dynavape, definitely improved. So!

      Better air flow and the new choke are great improvements. Only bought a second Dynavape cause of how much I enjoyed my first. The improvements intrigued me enough to buy the new version. If you have a choice 2019 is better than last years, but both are excellent.