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  • Boundless Terp Pen - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Boundless Terp Pen - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Boundless Terp Pen - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Boundless Terp Pen - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |
  • Boundless Terp Pen - Great White North Vaporizer Co. |

Boundless Terp Pen

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Sneaky Pete Says:

    The Terp Pen is an on-demand marker-sized dab delivery system at a ridiculously affordable price.  It is battery powered so it requires no butane or lighter, and it is very versatile.  Either pre-load so the dabs are ready when you are or use The Terp Pen as a nectar collector by dipping the tip and coils into your concentrate while you inhale.  It can even work with your favourite water piece.

    This vape is as user-friendly as they get.  There are no buttons, no on/off, no temp settings… just load a glob of your prefered extract onto the coil and take a hit.  The Terp Pen handles all the rest.  The coils are inhale-activated and heat very quickly, giving you big and flavourful clouds from tiny amounts of concentrate.  They come in black or silver and include a replaceable ceramic coil for top-notch taste purity.

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Key Features:

  • 100% medical grade stainless steel
  • 300mAh battery rated up to 50 hits
  • 1.3 ounces, 5.5 inches long, marker sized
  • user-friendly, no buttons, inhale activated
  • replaceable ceramic coils for taste purity
  • available in black or silver


Boundless Terp Pen, multi-tool and cleaning tool, USB charging cable, owner's guide

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Terence S.
Canada Canada

Terp pen

Excellent service!product was exactly as the review from pete, very pleased.

Darren C.
United Kingdom

Terp Pen

Hi all from the UK,I got my item in 8 days and I’m happy with My purchase,my only problem was the UK custom chargers,they charged me an extra £15 because you had put the price on the front of the package,I’m told if the price you put on the label was minimal I wouldn’t have been charged,this is something maybe you wanna look at,but all in all I love The Terp Pen,sure gets me wrecked

Jonathan Tupper

Looking for a great tool to get into dabbing? This is the one.

Honestly, getting into dabbing initially can be a bit... expensive. Dab rigs, or even the attachments to retrofit your existing pieces aren't always the cheapest. This little guy (and I mean little... its slightly larger than a standard sharpie marker pen) is a perfect solution. Lasts me about just over half a day on a single charge, but charges fast. It's only a 300mah battery, so limited life is to be expected. However, the portability, combined with convenience and discreet nature of this device make the short lifespan well worth it. However, it becomes very obvious when it's about to die. Dabs are moderately tasty and flavorful, and it seems to limit itself very well temperature-wise, though you can taste the heat on an "empty" draw. Unit has a maximum 10 second inhale-activated draw, however you can easily interrupt the 10 seconds, and start drawing again to finish off a larger dab, though is only really necessary as the battery life starts to wain. Coils leave a little bit to be desired, but are probably a result of the low amperage battery. As another reviewer mentioned, the 710 may be a better option for people looking for larger hits with slightly less portability. The air passage in this device is around the battery compartment, sort of like a cylinder in a cylinder. It can become quite narrow when filled with concentrate residue, but the pen is really easy to take apart and clean -- just be sure to get in and around the coil air vents, so your draws are easier and smoother. (this is probably where a clog will be if you experience one). I always dab and keep the tool pointing downwards -- I found that pointing it up in the air AND drawing when it was warm would cause the dab to run inside the device and past the ceramic coils. I recommend dabbing accordingly, keeping this in mind. Overall this is a pretty great device and I'm rather happy with my purchase! Overall a great little toy for the price! Very happy with the product, and customer service. Shipment times were great, and it moved quickly across country, shipped from BC. I purchased 2 because I knew a buddy would want one... sure enough, site was sold out, and he was itching to purchase one!



I'm fairly new to dabbing, but I've really found the process kind of awkward. With this system it really couldn't be simpler or safer. It delivers big, tasty hits that really hit the spot without needing a torch or open flame. Now, to a clumsy gal like myself, that's huge. And it hits harder than any cartridge system I've tried, with big blasts from just a tiny bit of concentrate, it's more economical as well.


Awesome Concentrate Device

I have used dozens of concentrate devices from dab pens through electric hard coils, high end torch and ebangers, Mighty and Volcano vape units, pipes and of course joints. This little Terp Pen by Boundless is the best concentrate device I have ever used. Sleek, powerful, inexpensive and super efficient. In fact it is the most efficient way I have ever found to vape concentrates. I rigged mine to a length of silicone tubing and attached the other und to a metal stem from a Dynavap with a rubber mouthpiece attached to it. You can slide it into a 14mm female glass joint and use the choke hole on the Dynavap stem to control the airflow. Little tiny pokes into your concentrate container with the Terp pen gives huge results. Massive smooth milky clouds are possible with this setup and if you want the intergalactic face melting hits like a big rig ****** then you can always step up to the Terp Pen's big brother, the Boundless 710. I guarantee you won't find a more powerful and more efficient set up anywhere. Both ways are absolutely awesome! Thanks Pete and GWN!