The MiniNail



Sneaky Pete Says:

    The MiniNail is designed, engineered, assembled and packaged in the USA.  It’s built to premium quality standards using only first-class materials, including 3rd party tested pure titanium.  The setup is small enough to go with you anywhere, but it’s heavy-duty enough to be your desktop daily driver.  The MiniNail runs at very low power, about 20% that of a normal e-nail, meaning it is cheaper to operate, very safe, and it will last longer than other e-nails.  The company stands behind its MiniNail with a 2-year warranty on both the power/control box and the heating coil, something that’s almost unheard of in this industry.  There is a very accurate digital temperature display,  and the ideal range is 400 to 600°F, but it can go up to 1,000 degrees to do burn off cleanings.

    Each kit includes a MiniNail power control box of your colour choice and a hybrid coil heating element.  One kit comes with a premium quartz E-banger and includes a glass carb cap and dabber.  The other kit has a hybrid quartz/titanium universal nail with a multi-tip dabber/carb cap tool.  Both include a 6' power cord and silicone dab mat.

    The MiniNail is my daily driver for concentrates, and it'll soon become yours too!

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Key Features:

  • made in the USA
  • perfect low-temp dabs
  • small power control box
  • precise digital temp display
  • high quality build, 2-year warranty
  • pure materials, lab-tested titanium
  • premium quality electronic dabbing nail
  • instruction manual available here