• Crafty+/Mighty Titanium Mouthpiece
  • Crafty+/Mighty Titanium Mouthpiece
  • Crafty+/Mighty Titanium Mouthpiece
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Crafty+/Mighty Titanium Mouthpiece



Sneaky Pete Says:

The Titanium Mouthpiece for the Crafty+/Mighty brings the ultimate in durability to your vaporizer.  This Titanium Mouthpiece is almost as light as our Glass Mouthpiece, but is infinitely stronger and adds all of the additional benefits of titanium.  Titanium is almost as/if not more desired than glass for vapour purists; it can withstand extreme temperatures with no degradation, and it is also flavour neutral, it adds no colour to the flavour of your flower.  Titanium also has desirable cooling properties as it cools down faster than many other metals, it retains less heat for cooler hits.  The mouthpiece holds secure in the vaporizer with the included silicone gasket (one extra is included), and it also adds an exciting visual dynamic to your vaporizer.  A worthwhile and affordable upgrade for anyone looking to enhance their beloved vaporizer.

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Key Features:

  • almost as light as glass, but virtually indestructible 
  • flavour inert, will not colour the taste of the vapour
  • secures in place with silicone gasket
  • cools down rapidly for smoother vapour
  • works with the Crafty+, Crafty, Mighty, and CFX vaporizers