• Grasshopper Review

    The Grasshopper began as a Kickstarter campaign, and it created a lot of interest right from the start.  There had never been another vaporizer like this - tiny, super stealthy, instant heat up, and pure convection heating??  How could they fit all of that into this little pen, and include a lifetime warranty, all for a reasonable price?  I can’t answer that question, but I can confirm that they did it.  The Grasshopper really represents a brave new world in vaporizing, you can rip it with a water pipe at home, or you can sneak a toke literally anywhere, I mean it looks just like a pen!  It really enables a new behaviour category - if you’re leaving the house and you figure you’d better have one more hit, this is your new best friend.  You’ve gone from thought to exhale in 15 seconds, how cool is that?  The Grasshopper was the 2015 Overall Winner in my Vape Awards, so let me tell you why that was. View Post
  • Firefly 2 Review

    The Firefly 2 was the product of years of work from some very intelligent and talented designers, and the results speak for themselves.  They not only solved all of the previous complaints about the OG Firefly (this one is 55% lighter and 33% smaller) but they improved every category drastically.  It still has a bit of a learning curve, but once you master it you’ll get tremendous results with both dry herb and concentrate.  I’m excited to see new mouthpieces in the future as this one isn’t great, and the LED indicator is kind of wonky, but overall this is a top tier vaporizer, one of the best on the market. View Post
  • Arizer Air Review

    The Arizer Air picks up where the Arizer Solo left off.  This is more portable, has a user replaceable battery, and has shorter stems.  If you’ve ever used a Solo before and you liked it, this is will be something you like guaranteed.  It does a great job of carrying forward everything that was great about the Solo, while adding in new and highly beneficial characteristics. View Post