• VapeXhale EVO Review

    The VapeXhale Cloud Evo is a tremendously effective desktop vaporizer.  This is the only vaporizer that I’ve used that works as well with dry herb as it does with concentrate, and vice versa.  That all sounds pretty good - but I haven’t even got to the best part.  This vaporizer is designed to be used with water pipes; either your own existing rig or their proprietary Hydratube system, which I highly recommend.  Massive, smooth, water-cooled hits - sign me up. View Post
  • DaVinci IQ Review

    The IQ is a marvellous little conduction vaporizer.  It offers some unique and innovative features like the Flavor Chamber and the Pearl - the Flavour Chamber is a ceramic chamber through which the vapour passes through.  This helps to cool off your vapour, but you can put a little bud into the chamber itself and let it marinate with that sweet vapour over time, it’s great!  It also packs features like 1 degree adjustable temperature control and a removable battery, all while in a compact and stealthy package. View Post
  • Puffco Plus Review

    The all-ceramic chamber is one of the kind, as it’s a ‘one-piece’ construction rather than having a plate or donut heat the chamber.  The entire bottom of the chamber heats up, and the Dart helps the heated air achieve a sort of turbulence, resulting in a very even and cool draw.  There are no exposed metal wires in the chamber, meaning your material is only coming in contact with ceramic and air.  Since the entire bottom of the chamber heats up, your material has no choice but to melt down onto the heating area, meaning nothing is wasted!  View Post